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An article originally published at the Denver Post on Friday cited a classmate who described Karl Pierson, the alleged Arapahoe High School shooter, as a “very opinionated Socialist.” But the paper edited the article since it was first published, scrubbing the reference to socialism, Twitchy reported Saturday, citing a post at Bearing Arms.

“Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist,” the Post originally said.

While appearing on Wednesday’s edition of Morning Joe, Hardball host Chris Matthews compared Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to Hitler, telling fellow MSNBC demagogue Joe Scarborough the German dictator “even liked Jimmy Stewart” in the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” Mediaite reported.  This was after Matthews said Tuesday that Cruz is “a problem for our Republic.”

“He is a problem for our Republic,” Matthews declared, claiming that despite being a United States Senator, Cruz is not a legislator, nor is he allegedly a member of any political party.

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz informed his dwindling audience that while it’s okay for him to oppose conflict in Syria, conservative lawmakers who oppose war do so only because they hate Obama

He also blamed George W. Bush for Obama’s inability to cobble together an international coalition.

Now that he has managed to return from weekend purgatory, MSNBC host Ed Schultz is resorting to desperate measures to keep his weekday television perch including seriously asking a poll designed to inflame to passions of his angry older viewers.

“Are conservatives the new confederates?” Schultz asked.

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews claimed that conservatives and Republicans are attempting to “delegitimize” President Obama by calling him “Obama” or “a liberal leader,” Matthews said.

“It seems there’s a very interesting compelling continuing effort to delegitimize this president,” he told “Bush’s Brain” author Wayne Slater.

It seems that when there’s a good liberal narrative to be advanced, facts and actual history don’t matter.

That was apparently the case when Oprah Winfrey claimed that the “n-word” was the last thing heard by “millions” who were lynched. The implication is clear — millions of blacks have been lynched because of their race. Worse yet, Parade Magazine let Winfrey get away with her “fact” unchallenged.

According to all reports, Juror B29, the sole nonwhite juror on the George Zimmerman trial, said the neighborhood watch volunteer got away with murder. But Slate's William Saletan says not so fast, and accused the network on Friday of deceptive editing and manipulation to get the answers they wanted.

According to Saletan, the juror -- identified only by her first name, Maddy -- has "been framed as the woman who was bullied out of voting to convict Zimmerman."

On Monday, TMZ, the entertainment outlet often panned by Rush Limbaugh as the primary news source for the low-information left, breathlessly reported that the family assisted by George Zimmerman was — buckle your seat belt — white.

Not just white, mind you, but WHITE, according to an article and tweet which labeled as such the victims of the car crash which Zimmerman and another man helped rescue.

On Thursday, limousine liberal Chris Matthews took it upon himself to apologize on behalf of all white people for unspecified transgressions.

“I’ll just tell you one thing,” Matthews said. “And I’m speaking now for all white people, but especially [the ones] who’ve tried to change the last 50 or 60 years. And a lot of them really tried to change, and I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m saying.”

With the ratings for his new show “All In” tanking, MSNBC host Chris Hayes has been trying desperately to be more assertive and populist in the hopes it will get viewers to stop tuning him out.

Instead he is just coming across as a petulant brat. On Wednesday’s edition of of his program, Hayes paraphrased the GOP statement on the Senate immigration bill in a way that can only be described as childish, yet fitting for the network that once employed Keith Olbermann and still employs Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews.

Appearing on CNBC’s “Kudlow Report” with Larry Kudlow, former Democratic Party presidential candidate and DNC chair Howard Dean dismissed the controversy surrounding the Benghazi terror attack as “ridiculous” and a “laughable joke,” The Blaze reported Tuesday.


“This is about issues that are important to the American people,” said RNC communications director Sean Spicer.

On Sunday’s edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host David Gregory falsely claimed that 40 percent of all gun sales are done without background checks, Twitchy reported.

“But isn’t that preferable to a big loophole where you have all these — 40 percent of sales, private sales, one-on-one, where you’ve got no ability to trace it?” he asked NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

Wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore and Rainn Wilson, an actor best known for his role in the American version of “The Office,” referenced a parody article at The Onion in tweets on Wednesday, duping a number of their followers, Twitchy reported.

NRA Sets 1,000 Killed In School Shooting As Amount It Would Take For Them To Reconsider Much Of Anything,” Wilson tweeted, without mentioning the source of the article. He did provide a link to it, however.

On Wednesday night’s edition of “PoliticsNation,” MSNBC host Al Sharpton and “The Cycle” host Touré Neblett claimed Fox News president Roger Ailes used racist “dog whistle” language when he called President Obama “lazy” in a newly released biography.

Sharpton started by reading a portion of the quote in the book.