Real Time, Real Man: Maher Takes His Shot at Palin

Here we go again. 

During his opening monologue on ‘Real Time’ Friday night, Bill Maher, couldn’t resist piling on to the David Letterman controversy and the sex jokes made by him earlier in the week regarding Sarah Palin’s daughter.

In defending his friend, Maher thought Republicans had over reacted and this was just a case of ‘fake’ outrage. Much ado about nothing. He then went on talking about how Letterman had invited Sarah Palin and her young daughter, Willow, to appear as guests on his show but the Governor declined because she thought it would be wise to keep her daughter away from him. Said Maher, “…that’s right, he’s 62 years old, he’s gonna f*** her right there on stage…it would be very wise to keep her, very wise, yes. You know, I’d worry a little more about the 18-year old hockey players who knock up your daughters.” To which his audience of trained seals laughed and clapped and had a good old time. 

I sat there stunned. Much like his pal Letterman, as far as I was concerned, Maher had crossed the line. Big Time. What is it with these guys? 

For some strange reason, the Palin family continues to be a source of comedic gold despite the fact that Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska. Can you imagine the side-splitting laughs we would’ve been able to enjoy had she been elected as our first female vice-president? Damn! Maher and Letterman would have ‘killed’ day in, day out. Their adoring audiences would have been carried out of the theatre on stretchers. “Somebody call the comedy ambulance for the love of Mike!  Dave did it again!” 

According to Bill Maher, these jokes are ‘harmless.’ Women of NOW are you listening? 

Remember when Don Imus was canned in 2007 for his comments made in reference to the Rutgers women’s basketball team? The outrage from the usual suspects and others was a bit more ‘real.’ He was called a racist and a sexist. He was forced to apologize for his lame attempt at humor and sent on his merry way by the powers that be. 

No such luck with Bill and Dave. Harmless. Yeah, right. 

Isn’t it interesting?…depending upon who is telling ‘the joke’ and who is the subject of ‘the joke’ there seems to be an inconsistency of just how ‘real’ or how ‘fake’ the outrage is when dealing with those oh so tolerant souls on the left. 

What’s up with that? 

We all know the answer.  For Bill Maher and David Letterman, no harm, no foul because the Palin family deserves it. They asked for it because Sarah Palin is who she is. An authentic, decent woman who became the governor of a state and last year accepted an invitation from Sen. John McCain to join him as his running mate for vice-president. 

The fact that the Palin’s are conservative doesn’t have -a- thing- to- do- with- it.  In the upside/down world which we now live, the Palin’s and their kids seem fair game to some on the left. WTF!?

One man’s free speech is another man’s hate speech. One man’s outrage is another man’s ‘fake’ outrage. At least it is if you worship at the altar of Leftism. 

As a father and a husband, I can tell you this much, my outrage is friggin’ real. For Todd and Sarah Palin. For their daughters, Bristol and Willow. For their family and those who love them. For my  wife. For my  daughter. Nothing fake about it at all, Billy boy. 

Enough is enough. 

Time for action. Saturday, my wife and I canceled our HBO service. A big thank you to Bill Maher. If there are others out there who have had enough of his brand of comedy, I suggest you take some action. Make a phone call to your service provider, let them know how you feel. You need to hit back. Hit ‘em hard where they understand it most, in the wallet. For some odd reason, that seems to get their collective attention. Money. Honey. 

In closing, it’s good to see the National Organization for Women and other women’s groups speaking out on the Letterman issue. As I mentioned earlier, hopefully, feminists are watching, listening and take notice of Maher’s Friday night performance and his stab at humor regarding the Palin girls. Harmless? You be the judge. 

As for Bill and his friend Dave, if they want to get back to the high road and make amends for the hurt they’ve caused the Palin family, I have a few suggestions: 

Apologize. Sincerely apologize. Stop with the jokes concerning the Palin’s daughters. Millions of young women and their families will be watching; listening. 

And if by some slim chance our pseudo heroes punk out, I suggest women and the men who love them, petition our state department to send Bill and Dave on an excellent adventure. Swap these two clown kings for American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee currently being held prisoners on some BS charge of illegally entering the armpit which is, North Korea.

That way, everybody wins.

Originally posted June 15 on Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood blog.

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