Newspaper Editor Questions Whether Pro-Aborts Are to Blame for Misspelled Pro-Abortion Graffiti

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Somewhere between 7 p.m. on June 14 and 7 p.m. on June 15, vandals spray painted graffiti, as seen on the top right photo, on the home of Dubuque, Iowa pro-lifer Allen Troupe.

They were most likely incited by a sign in one of the windows of Troupe's home, as seen on the bottom right photo.

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Troupe filed a police report and anticipated the same level of fair and balanced media coverage one would expect were pro-life graffiti to appear on the home of an abortion proponent - i.e., lots.

But not only did the local paper, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, fail to post a story, it failed to even mention the police report in its daily police blotter. Editorial staff either considered the incident too slight or too unhelpful to their pro-abortion bias.

So Troupe emailed DTH editor Brian Cooper. Following was Cooper's response....

brian cooper telegraph herald email.png
"Wouldn't you think a bona fide pro-choice vandal would know how to spell abortion?" The overriding conclusion to draw from Cooper's rhetorical question is that "bona fide" pro-aborts can't be stupid. There are thus 3 conspiracy theories Cooper was implying:

1. The vandal spray painting the misspelled graffiti was in actuality a covert but stupid pro-lifer. 2. The vandal spray painting the misspelled graffiti was in actuality a covert pro-lifer attempting to make pro-aborts look stupid. 2. The vandal spray painting the misspelled graffiti was not pro-life or pro-abortion at all but just a simple street vandal who wanted people to think s/he was pro-abortion.

brian cooper.jpg
In fact, I could only surmise Conspiracy Theories #1 and 2 until Cooper (pictured right) told me #3 by phone this morning. "I'm not surprised you can't think of any other conclusion," he said, since I had identified myself as a pro-life blogger. "Not everyone is fervently pro-choice or pro-life. This could have been someone who doesn't have any opinion on it and wanted to vandalize but seem that someone else was doing it." Well that makes total sense. A vandal into graffiti purely for the joy of it, uninvolved in the abortion battle either way, would know enough to connect a sign opposing Planned Parenthood with "aboration" and "baby killers" and decide to spray paint about it to somehow implicate pro-aborts because... Well, again, I can only come up with the fact the graffiti vandal was either #1 or #2. The Telegraph Herald finally posted a story about the vandalism on June 23, but catch the headline:
telegraph herald abortion headline.png
Troupe "believes" the graffiti on his home was tied to his abortion opposition, but that may not be true? The story's 1st sentence reiterated the point:

Police are investigating a vandalism case involving a man who believes his house was targeted due to his opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion.

So Troupe could have been in actuality drawing wild conclusions or hallucinating? These journalists are either utterly biased or totally void of common sense and simple intelligence.
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