NY Papers Battle: Jill's 'Elder Abuse' vs. 'Special Counsel's Hit Job'

February 10th, 2024 4:00 PM

Ya can’t make it up.

The New York Post takes the bull by the horns, headlining its editorial this way: 

Jill Biden and Dems committed elder abuse on Joe — now they must force him to step aside

The Post writes: 

Aides will try to mop this (the Biden recent press conference) all up in the coming days, but it’s over, folks.

(Special Counsel) Hur says Biden’s memory was “worse” in 2023 than it was in 2017. What will it be like two years from now? What will that do to the country? 

It’s time for those same Democrats who lied to get Biden into the White House to tell him that he must step aside before the 25th Amendment is invoked.

It’s a humiliation, and it’s one that they themselves caused. Jill Biden did this to her husband. His children, his staff, all the people who enabled this charade — this is on them. 

And Americans won’t soon forget it.


Here’s one media guy who has decided there is no problem here. That would be lefty New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. In his own column on this, Krugman headlines: 

The Disgusting Furor Over Biden’s Age

Krugman writes: 

When the news broke about the special counsel’s hit job — his snide, unwarranted, obviously politically motivated slurs about President Biden’s memory — I found myself thinking about my mother. What year did she die? It turned out that I didn’t know offhand; I knew that it was after I moved from Princeton to CUNY, because I was regularly commuting out to New Jersey to see her, but before the pandemic. I actually had to look into my records to confirm that she died in 2017.

He goes on to say that what Americans are seeing of their President is one-big-nothing. And Americans should be ashamed of themselves for suspecting Biden has a serious problem. He closes his column by saying: 

So to everyone who’s piling on Biden right now, stop and look in the mirror. And ask yourself what you are doing.

In other words?

Krugman is acting out that famous line from the 1930’s classic movie The Wizard of Oz, in which young Dorothy finally realizes that the “Wizard” is in fact not a Wizard at all but rather a regular guy manipulating machinery to project his image as the Wizard. As she sees dog Toto pull back the curtain shielding the guy and his machinery, the phony “Wizard” exclaims: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Krugman is looking at millions of Americans see the curtain surrounding Joe Biden being pulled back - revealing a man with serious mental competency issues who also is the sitting President of the United States. And they are not happy.

Over at Fox News is this headline: 

Former Democratic congressman says it's time for party leaders to talk about replacing Biden as 2024 nominee

Harold Ford, Jr. says Dems, party leaders will have to start talking about Biden's fitness for re-election

Which is to say Democrat leaders themselves are realizing, contrary to the Krugman advice, that the President’s cognitive situation is in fact cause for serious concern - with discussion of how to remove and replace him quietly underway.

And as that New York Post editorial indicates, the media - albeit at this point conservative media - is starting to say quite openly that the President’s problem is seriously real and he needs to be replaced as president or, at a minimum,  replaced as the supposedly inevitable Democrat nominee.

All the way back there in 1919 President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke. The Wilson White House said he was suffering from exhaustion and needed to rest. In fact, historians remind that Wilson was shielded by his wife, top aide and doctor - with Mrs. Wilson secretly running the country.

In this day and age, unlike in the Wilson era, one suspects today’s media will not be capable of keeping Biden’s condition a secret. 

So look for there to be more stories - doubtless invasive stories from the Biden White House point of view - in the media.

Is Dr. Jill running the White House? VP Harris? The chief of staff?

The very fact that a story like that New York Post editorial  is now out there surely means there will be others. And the reality of what is really going on in the Biden White House will, unlike in 1919, begin to leak.

Stay tuned.