Tim Scott Fires Back as Media Smear Black Conservatives as 'Grifters' Ahead of Election

February 3rd, 2024 4:00 PM

In a sense, it is hilarious to watch. Completely un-self-aware, the liberals of ABC’s The View make it crystal clear that they view African-Americans as unable to think for themselves. They either support the Democrats, or they're "grifters." The Wall Street Journal editorial page used to call this "The Liberal Plantation." Woe betide any who have the nerve -- the nerve! -- to assert any independence from their overseers.

Tim Scott, the United States Senator from South Carolina folded his campaign for president and has endorsed -gasp! - Donald Trump. And the other day, along with some other former presidential candidates, Scott stood on a platform with Trump to make his endorsement plain.

Ohhhhhh the humanity!

On Thursday night's Hannity, Fox News host Sean Hannity showed various liberal View hosts making it plain that, you know, black people must all think alike - like them! And if any black person - let alone a black U.S. Senator! - has the audacity to have his own views on a presidential candidate? Well then. The liberal plantation overseers will make sure the hounds are to be loosed!

Overseer Joy Behar confessed that watching Senator Scott “was horrible to watch” because Scott  was somehow made to “grovel” before white man Trump. “I didn’t like it” Behar confessed, blithely unaware of admitting that a “strong black man” (as she called him) having the nerve to not do as she and her fellow liberal plantation managers  demand was nothing more or less than one American standing up to express his own carefully considered opinion.

“What happened to him?” she asked, horrified. Fellow plantation overseer Whoopi Goldberg called the Senator “a Looney Tune.” Nobody would say this about another black politician from South Carolina, Rep. Jim Clyburn. That's because he's a Democrat who was lauded for putting Joe Biden on the path to the White House in 2020. No "groveling" to the white man there! 

Hannity then turned to his guest - Senator Scott. As this was not the first time the Senator has been trashed on The View, Hannity confessed that “this is beginning to piss me off.” He noted that the white liberal Behar had previously said that Senator Scott and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “don’t understand racism.”

“How ridiculous” the Senator responded. Bingo.

Then he added of his previous appearance on The View that “she wouldn’t even show up on the show when I was on The View. Joy Behar stayed home.” He added that he hoped The View’s hosts…

….can hear me loud and clear: America is not a racist country. Number One. Number Two: Their vicious, disgusting attacks are not designed just for me. It is designed to silence every voice from hard working Americans. The fact that more African Americans are now looking to vote for Donald Trump and join the GOP, it is scaring them completely. We must continue to grow our numbers in the black community, the Hispanic community, and Millenials. Under Joe Biden, guess what? Millenials can’t afford a house. Under Joe Biden black neighborhoods are devastated by crime…people want change. They were better off under Trump. They want four more years of common sense, four more years of law and order, and four more years of dignity and respect…

Hannity noted that Joe Biden was already “losing large percentages, double-digit percentages of support in the African American community, the Hispanic community, among young people, women…most if not every poll has shown that.” 

Hannity went on to say that he saw this as an opportunity. He went on to say that every four years Democrats play the same old game of going into black communities and calling Republicans racist. And then they vanish until the next election. Are schools in black communities better, he asked? Also law and order and basic safety? All of which Senator Scott answered by vigorously shaking his head. 

Scott added that Democrats only want black votes for elections, and then when the elections are over they want blacks “to sit down and shut up.”

As Scott was speaking the Fox chyron at the bottom of the screen noted:

Media Works Overtime to Smear Black Conservatives Ahead of Election.

It needs to be reminded that the Democratic Party has, right from its founding, always been about race. Its founders were slave owners. The party’s first six platforms all supported slavery. When slavery was defeated it was Democrats who set up the system of Jim Crow segregation. In today’s world they traffic in so-called “identity politics” - the son of segregation - which is exactly what Joy Behar was doing the other day. 

In that world view, all blacks must be lefty progressives and do what they are told. And if they - like Senator Tim Scott or Justice Clarence Thomas or Dr. Ben Carson - to name but three - have the audacity to walk off the liberal plantation then the mainstream media will target them for attacks. Again, which is exactly what Joy Behar was doing the other day.

One suspects the American people have had enough of this kind of race-drive nonsense. 

The hard fact is that the people of South Carolina like and respect Senator Tim Scott. 

And they could care less what the liberal plantation members of The View think.

Imagine that.