Media Ignores Tlaib's Two Contradictory Flags - Palestine and LGBTQ

October 14th, 2023 4:00 PM

You can’t make this up.

Michigan’s pro-Palestine Rep. Rashida Tlaib ostentatiously displays a Palestinian flag outside the door to her office. That gets media coverage. 

But a couple flags away (she has a few, presumably one being the Michigan state flag) she has, yes indeed, the rainbow LGBTQ flag.

And the mainstream media? Silence.

It takes a few observant conservative outlets to call attention to the fact that if you’re gay in Hamas territory or over in Iran or Iraq - you can be dead. Literally.

The Times of Israel has run stories like this one back in January of 2015. The headline: 

Islamic State throws men off building for ‘being gay’

The fact of the matter is that to be gay in land held by Hamas or Iran or other Islamic extremist countries is a crime. A crime that calls at a minimum for a prison sentence or at a maximum the death penalty.

The question here is the mainstream media’s silence with Rep. Tlaib and her decidedly confused flags. Other than a few conservative outlets and the Hannity website, there is no Washington Post or New York Times or CNN, MSNBC or broadcast investigation of what-in-the-world the decidedly confused Rep. Tlaib is thinking. One flag represents territory holding homosexuality to be a crime punishable by death. The other celebrates the LGBTQ gay rights movement.

Over there at the conservative Townhall, notice of Tlaib’s confused and contradictory flags was in fact noticed. The headline: 

Rashida Tlaib's Flag Choices Outside Her Office Following Hamas' Terror Attack Are...Interesting

Townhall’s Matt Vespa writes: 

And while it shouldn’t be shocking that she has a Palestinian flag outside her office, the Pride flag in the vicinity makes this a humorous exhibit, a pure contradiction if we ever saw one. Lady, dare we say what happens to the LGBT folks in the West Bank and Gaza? 

Hint: it usually involves them being thrown off rooftops (via Washington Examiner).

Over at Sean Hannity’s site is this headline, citing Not the Bee, the sister site of the satirical Babylon Bee

'WHO WANTS TO TELL HER?' Tlaib Flying Both Palestinian and Pride Flags Outside Office, Gets Roasted 

Not the Bee writes: 

She’s gotta be trolling us, right?

I’m just saying that maybe Tlaib should try carrying that rainbow flag around Hamas-controlled Gaza and see how it works out for her.

Rashida Tlaib and the squad really don’t make any sense. It’s like they’re on a mission to support and insult Hamas all at the same time.


You might call this hilarious episode the result of colliding imperatives. Somehow the mainstream media just can’t bring itself to mock a leftist congresswoman when she flies, side by side, the flag of a would-be country that considers being gay a crime - right next to the flag that is the literal symbol of the LGBTQ movement.

Ya can’t make this stuff up.

But if you are the mainstream media you can ignore it and  just pretend it isn’t happening.