Hunter Biden and the Corrupt Media’s War on Truth

September 25th, 2021 4:20 PM

Recall the blockbuster New York Post story in the end run up to the 2020 election? The major scoop that Hunter Biden had left a laptop at a repair shop - and the repairman found all kind of illicit doings (and pictures!) on the computer? 

The story was not only hotly denied by the Biden campaign and —  falsely —  assailed as part of a Russian disinformation campaign, it was suppressed by its Big Tech allies and ignored by the Democrat’s liberal media buddies.

Now comes Politico, of all places, to confess that…well, um, ahhh…ok, yes. The Post story was in fact true. An amused Post editorial headlined: "The Hunter Biden laptop is confirmed?! Color us shocked!" 

Said the paper: 

“In his new book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger says that evidence points to Hunter Biden’s laptop being legit.

While we appreciate the support, the truth is The Post’s reports always have been true, and it’s only because the media wants to protect Joe Biden that they keep referring to the laptop as ‘unsubstantiated.’”


But the media wasn’t done in ignoring a Hunter Biden scandal. Just this week Fox’s Bret Baier reported on a story from Business Insider. As reported by NewsBusters's own Nicholas Fondacaro there was this: 

“According to a Thursday report from Business Insider, they obtained e-mail evidence that Hunter Biden had tried to ‘shakedown’ the government of Libya for millions of dollars as they tried to get him to help release money frozen when his dad was vice president.”

And what did Fondacaro report of the media coverage of this new Hunter Biden scandal? You guessed it: “….the broadcast networks simply ignored it.”

The real problem here is the effort by the media or the government or a Democratic presidential campaign to suppress a news story they don’t like or goes against the favored liberal media narrative of story X. Or to push a wildly untrue story that is in fact no more than a political campaign’s dirty trick. 

This is about deliberately keeping the American people in the dark or completely misinformed about some topic of the day.

Here’s another headline from The Post, this one about the investigation into the so-called Trump-Russia collusion episode from the 2016 presidential campaign. The headline: "DIRTY TRICKS EXPOSED." 

From the article: 

Jake Sullivan testified that he didn’t know the Hillary Clinton campaign’s dirty tricks against Donald Trump — yet emails uncovered by special counsel John Durham suggest otherwise.

This jewel of a story from investigative reporter Paul Sperry reports on the indictment of Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, saying essentially that Jake Sullivan, now President Biden’s national security advisor, lied to Congress on his role in spreading the false story of Trump-Russia collusion. 

And the indictment itself makes it crystal clear that the much ballyhooed Trump-Russia collusion story was made up out of whole cloth by the Clinton campaign- but flogged repeatedly across the mainstream media.

To borrow from old astronaut lingo? Houston, America has a media problem. And a big one.

Time after time after time one story after another that is either a bombshell or runs counter to the liberal narrative of the moment is repeatedly suppressed or ignored by the media. One day its suppressing Hunter’s laptop story or the latest tale of his Libyan scandal. The next day its suppressing footage that shows the actual events on the “insurrection” story and the next day after that its flogging the Trump-Russia collusion story that turns out to be utterly fabricated by the Clinton campaign.

As Greg Gutfeld pointed out on Fox the other day, now the media is playing fast and loose with the goings on at the southern border. Said Greg of the sudden mass media attention to images of Border Patrol agents on horseback pushing back illegals swarming the border — with the reins of their horses and not whips as claimed as the Border Patrol does not have or use whips.  

“So it's all on the press. And they still love to bury things. Take the border. For months, horrifying video relayed the hell that was going on. But they ran from that footage like it was an incoming Zoom call from Jeffrey Toobin.

But the media only cared when they found ‘one image’ they could use to demonize Border Patrol. But now – surprise surprise – the so-called whipping, was downgraded to wielding, then whirling - and now it's just twirling. What's next - wooing?”

Which is to say, the border mess was ignored —  until the images of those agents arrived and were fixated on by the liberal media, ginning up the inevitable outrage from Biden himself and others.

And as to those images of the Border Patrol? It took the conservative Daily Caller to headline this: "Photographer Who Took Photos Of Alleged ‘Whipping’ Says He Never Saw Anyone Actually Being Whipped." 

Is it any wonder Fox reports this: "Border Patrol stunned as Biden goes to war with his own agents over false 'whipping' allegations." 

But don’t expect that story to dominate the liberal media. And, as this Breitbart story headlined, the American people in this Rasmussen poll are onto the game. The headline: "Poll: Voters Give Media ‘Poor’ Rating for Migration Coverage." 

As Tucker also noted, there are doubtless Americans today who still believe the 1960’s media of the day and the tall tale that President Kennedy was killed by a right-winger when in fact his assassin was a pro-Cuban Communist who had once tried to defect to the Soviet Union.  

As I’ve mentioned previously, 1964’s GOP and conservative nominee Senator Barry Goldwater went to his grave still furious at a report from CBS that had him headed to Germany after his nomination to visit Hitler’s old stomping grounds. The story was 100 percent false —  there was no German trip and Goldwater merely went home to Arizona for a quick rest —   but it was designed to push the liberal narrative of the day that Goldwater was a wannabe fascist, a danger to America and the world who should never be president.

All of this is complicated big time in our day, as the Hunter Biden laptop episode illustrates, by a Big Tech world that has demonstrated repeatedly its determination to suppress stories it doesn’t like.

The simple fact here is that at this moment in the history of the American media, as reported multiples of times, the American people have little to no trust in the mainstream media to report the truth. 

And as these fresh examples illustrate — with reason.