Bill Press: Glenn Beck Rally at Lincoln Memorial 'Like Granting Al Qaeda Permission to Hold a Rally on Sept. 11 at Ground Zero'

June 26th, 2010 9:55 PM

It's well known liberals don't particularly care for Fox News host Glenn Beck, but wouldn't be comparing him to al Qaeda be a bit much?

On Sept. 11, 2001, al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center claimed the lives of over 2,700 people. So what does that have to do with Glenn Beck? Well according to liberal talker Bill Press, Beck's plans to hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 are somehow akin to al Qaeda's worldview. Press demanded the National Park Service revoke permission for Beck to hold a rally where Martin Luther King had given his "I have a dream" speech 47 years earlier. (h/t Outside the Beltway)

"In a slap at both President Lincoln and Dr. King, not to mention the American people, the National Park Service has given Glenn Beck permission to hold a Tea Party rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 - 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King gave his magnificent ‘I Have A Dream' speech," Press wrote in a June 16 post on his blog. "If you ask me, that's like granting al Qaeda permission to hold a rally on September 11 - at Ground Zero. What the hell were those bureaucrats at the Park Service thinking?"

Press made similar remarks on his June 15 radio program, arguing the Lincoln Memorial was sacred and that it should not be "rented out like a cheap suit." But even some of Press' liberal audience had disagreed with the host, one suggesting if they had Press' mentality 47 years ago, King might not have had the opportunity to speak at the memorial.