The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan Boasts about the Size of Al Gore's Genitalia

We all know former Vice President Al Gore has a sycophantic media supporting him on his pet cause of global warming. But this might be a little over the top, or it could very well explain a lot.

In December 2007, when Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, The Washington Post's Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan argued the former vice president had won the Nobel Prize for "sexy." Well, apparently this is an inside-the-beltway notion that has existed for years.

On HBO's June 4 broadcast of "Real Time with Bill Maher," film producer, director, and screenwriter Judd Apatow harkened back to a 2000 cover of Rolling Stone magazine that revealed something about the former vice president during the Bush/Gore election cycle.

"Well, do you remember he was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine many years ago when he was running for president and he had this giant cock on the cover?" Apatow said. "Am I the only one that saw that? ... You remember, he was on the cover of Rolling Stone, Al Gore and it was kind of the thing that he had a big bulge in his pants that was his cock."

But Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic's "The Daily Dish" fame offered the perspective a lot of us could have done without and said it was common knowledge of what people may have gleaned from that particular Rolling Stone magazine cover.

"It is well known in Washington he is the most hung politician around," Sullivan added.

Apatow offered his theory why the Gore separated with his wife earlier in the week - that something happened on a college campus giving a speech.

"He's doing his speeches, he performing at ‘colleges,'" Apatow said. "Isn't that what we all did at some point? A lot of college speeches about the environment. He wants to use it, Bill."

And The Nation magazine's Katrina vanden Heuvel said one should hope it was a college campus incident because that would make the Gore's break up easier to understand.

"I think people are hoping there's someone on a college campus because it's simpler," she said. "It's easier to fathom that they break up after 40 years, all the kids."

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