Beck Rips on Olbermann, Matthews; Says Letterman 'Practically Made Out With Obama' in 'Late Show' Appearance

This ought to get the folks at the left-wing noise machine all wound up.

Fox News host Glenn Beck on his Oct. 14 show, after being a regular recipient of MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons in the World" on his "Countdown" program, decided to have a little fun by mocking Olbermann and his MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews.

Beck mocked Olbermann's "Shakespearean" performance he puts on nightly on his "Countdown" program and also mocked Chris Matthews for his February 2008 "Obama gave me a thrill up my leg" comments.

"Now, the President has an entire network devoted to singing his praises," Beck said. "There is a guy at night I love, he's like Shakespearean, he is waxing poetic about his oratory skills, writing soliloquies - got another one I must say about the greatness of Obama's speaking ability. And then another guy is like, ‘I got a thrill is going up my leg' when they just hear him speak. It is incredible."

Beck also noted how the nightly network news and NBC's "Saturday Night Live" never could find a fault with the guy.

"The three network news is divisions can't find a flaw in this guy. Supposed comedians are like, ‘There's nothing funny to say about him, not a single funny thing to say - not one. You notice on ‘Saturday Night Live' the guy doesn't do anything except play him straight. ‘Hey, you know I'm just trying.' You got to be kidding me!"

But he saved his best criticism for David Letterman, who has recently been embroiled in a scandal involving marital infidelity.

"David Letterman, who eviscerated President Bush nightly, and Bush deserved it for years, not to mention what he did to Sarah Palin and her children during and after the campaign, practically made out with the guy when Obama stopped by the Ed Sullivan Studio. I thought he was going to take him upstairs to the bedroom above the stage for awhile."

Beck asked, with only one network - Fox News Channel, willing to question the administration, but also be punished for it - is their an attitude the administration has about freedom of the press in the U.S. Constitution.
"That is so great," Beck continued. "That was the question I wanted to know - how is the family? When face with any prospect of any kind of critical analysis of their policies, either the White House is so thin-skinned that nobody belongs in politics like that, or they simply want to silence all of the dissent. Why does this White House have a problem with the First Amendment? If so, do they have issues with other parts of our founding documents as well?"

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