S.F. Chronicle Blogger Upset Over Climate Change Skepticism; Likens Issue to Evolution, Sex Education Debates

Want to see the bitterness of media elitism? Take a look at what San Francisco Chronicle's environmental blog, "The Thin Green Line," thinks of the public's attitude about global warming.

According to an April 17 Rasmussen Reports poll, only one out of three voters believes global warming is caused by human activity. For Cameron Scott of the Chronicle's "The Thin Green Line," this isn't due to the public's ability to discern a hoax when they see one, but a so-called "disinformation campaign," as he explained on an April 18 post.

"This is the most successful disinformation campaign in the history of the world (it's largely financed by fossil fuel companies)," Scott wrote. "There is virtual scientific unanimity on the issue: Natural planetary trends alone cannot account for the rapid changes we are currently witnessing."

However, there is a large amount of skepticism on the theory of anthropogenic global warming. A report released by the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee Dec. 22, 2008 revealed more than 650 prominent scientists questioning the hype surrounding Gore's global warming claims.

According to Scott, this is a result of the politicization of science and he compared it to other hot-button issues, where individual beliefs don't always agree with what some on the left think is not open to debate.

"I suppose this is what happens when you politicize science-evolution, sex education," Scott wrote. "Acceptance of human causality among Democrats and unaffiliated voters is about the same, hovering at about half. But 66 percent of self-identifying Republicans disagree. And in worldwide polls, the question of human causality isn't even asked."

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