CNBC’s Melissa Lee in as 'Fast Money' Host; Former Host Ratigan Admits He’s Open to Work for Obama or NYC Mayor Bloomberg

One of the subplots in the soap opera known as CNBC took another turn on Monday as some of the pieces fell in place of who's doing what and why.

Last Friday, CNBC and former "Fast Money" host Dylan Ratigan parted ways officially. However, on CNBC's March 30 "Fast Money," show panelist Guy Adami, the managing director of Drakon Capital, announced Melissa Lee, a fill-in host over the past year for the popular network show, as the new caretaker of the show's "center seat," that plays the moderator role for the show.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, and nothing," Adami said. "Listen, clearly you've noticed some changes on the set, but as a show and as a network, we'd just like to wish Melissa Lee, the Emissary, all the best as she now takes the center seat on ‘Fast Money.'"

"Center seat," Lee added. "It is an honor to sit here amongst you guys."

However, former show host Dylan Ratigan spoke out to MarketWatch columnist Jon Friedman. In a March 29 column, Friedman reported Ratigan isn't sure what he's going to do, but said there was "little doubt that Ratigan will want to remain in television."

Friedman said he asked Ratigan "if he'd ever consider working in politics" - for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg or President Barack Obama.

"I'd do it," Ratigan said.

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