'World News' Scaremongers Over Artificial Turf

They had to really be looking for this, but ABC's April 17 "World News with Charles Gibson" has found something else for parents to be concerned about.

This time it is artificial turf on sports fields.

"It's become part of the American landscape - synthetic turf, durable and soft," ABC correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi said. "It's everywhere, from stadiums to neighborhood soccer fields. But now, questions over whether those fields are safe. Health officials in New Jersey randomly tested synthetic turf fields across the state. Two of the fields had lead levels so high they closed them."

The reports of lead have caused alarm, even setting off an outrageous claim by Connecticut mother Patricia Taylor, who told "World News" that, "We've got our children playing in what's virtually a hazardous waste dump, I think."

Despite the fields being called "a hazardous waste dump," the Synthetic Turf Council told "World News" there have never been any reports of ill-effects caused by turf.

"The Synthetic Turf Council, which represents manufacturers, says in 40 years, not one person has ever reported ill-effects related to the material composition or the fibers," Alfonsi added. "They maintain their products are safe."

Updated 12: 30 a.m., April 18, 2008.

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