Time Gives Global Warming Alarmist Site Free Advertising

WebsiteA Time.com article by Bryan Walsh encouraged readers to go to an environmentalist Web site because it might be their last chance to see the "polar world."

"Man your computers - GlobalWarming101.com might give you a last glimpse of a dying polar world," Walsh wrote on February 22.

The Web site is run by Will Steger, who identified himself as an author, photographer and "ceaseless advocate for the Earth's well being."

"To help raise awareness of the damage climate change is wreaking on the polar regions, next month Steger will be leading a team of six young adventurers on a 1,400-mile, 60-day-long dogsled expedition across Ellesmere Island, in the far Canadian Arctic," wrote Walsh.

Steger's site said that the team would "visit the endangered and collapsed ice shelves - due to global warming."

"What they'll see may be startling," continued Walsh. "Climate change has already refashioned the geography of the Arctic, melting glaciers that past adventurers - not to mention the Inuit who make their home in the far north - once journeyed on securely."

According to the article, Steger also employed the services of Sam Branson, the son of billionaire global warming activist Richard Branson.


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