Roseanne Barr, Staying Classy

Celebrity advisors/surrogates--like George Clooney--are a point of pride for Democrats. They like the "cool" factor these celebrities bring to their campaigns. Though their fame brings increased attention and makes their candidates chic, celebrity also elevates people with no other identifiable skills. What, exactly, does Clooney bring to Obama's team of 300 foreign policy advisors(?), for instance.

Oh well, at least Republicans don't have to deal with Roseanne Barr. Calling herself "fat old crackpotgranny," Barr blogs every day. Multiple times a day. About everything. A small sampling should suffice:

Regarding Angelina Jolie, who may like John McCain:

I cannot imagine a worse human being as president of our country. The guy is an idiot, a rageaholic, and an old fart who called his wife a "maureen dowd".

"Maureen Dowd" is her euphemism for a bad word.

I have no idea how to preface this rant:

all celeb news is calling me to come on their shows and talk about my "attack" on brangelina. They say nothing about my attacks on howard dean, pumas, obama, hillary, maureen dowd, bush cheney, pelosi, congress, religion capitalism and satan though...I liked angelina til i heard her say she likes insane mccain for potus. By the way, I think elizabeth hasselberg is a f'r s're closet case that wants to get whipped by sherri shepherd in a black corset while old babs slaps a riding crop on both of their exposed butt-oxes. love, crackpot granny!

One more selection from Barr's loony stream-of-consciousness writing:

I do not like that angelina says she likes mccain. mccain is too old to be pres. and should choose dr kervorkian as his vice. he is not a hero at all, and gave up his buddies one day after capture...this is not the kind of man who can lead us. In fact, no man can, and that is why Hillary/cynthia mckinney is my choice for president convention or no, and I will only do what Hillary/cynthia tells me to do from now on, presidency or no!!!

Most moonbat celebs leak out their craziness a little bit at a time--and it usually happens when they are otherwise impaired by some substance. But these separate posts are all from the same day--yesterday(8/18/08). No doubt Hillary Clinton hopes Barr will hitch a ride on the mothership the next time it's in orbit.

Poor Democrats, with supporters like Roseanne Barr, who needs a Right Wing Attack Machine?

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