Press 1 for Deportation

April 9th, 2006 12:22 PM
Smart people know what's going on. I don't. Those experts on those TV shouting matches know exactly what's happening in regards to illegal immigration and aid to Hamas. I read the same reports that come out of Washington and instead of being enlightened I grow woozy from confusion.

Call me clueless. Be my guest.

As I've got it figured - well, wait a minute! Even the New York Times is confounded. One day the headline exults that Congress has paved the way for full citizenship for those 11 million illegals. Next day, it's just the opposite. Congress is bogged down. Here's the exact headline - IMMIGRATION DEAL FAILS IN SENATE VOTE.

If the paper of record can't figure it out, what do you want from me? Likewise, the people who run our country can't seem to figure anything out, either. Aren't they supposed to be of the people, for the people? The people, according to the stats, want a tight border, and don't want illegals hanging round. Legal, yes. Illegal, no.

But never mind what we want. We're only citizens.

So the Congress is coming up with a plan to keep those illegals here, but with conditions. What conditions? Nobody knows. Some lawmakers say, heck, they're here, let them stay, and so what if their loyalty belongs to another country. Others say, look, if they can prove that they've been here more than five hours (or is it five years - 50 years?) then they're kosher.

This keeps going back and forth and not a single lawmaker has the courage to speak for the will of the American people, which is - PRESS 1 FOR DEPORTATION. This is not about Mexico or Mexicans. Mexicans are as good and as bad as everybody else, and with the proper papers, welcome. No, this is about ILLEGAL. That used to mean something.

Our experts say that deportation is out of the question. Why so? Italians with ties to the mob were regularly sent back to Italy, and millions of Jews fleeing the Nazis weren't even allowed in - which is the same, or maybe worse, than deportation - especially in context with the ship "St. Louis" wherein refugees were denied our shores and sent back to meet their doom at the hands of the Gestapo. (See, Voyage of the Damned.)

As they dither in Washington about the illegals, they also dither about the terrorist group that now runs the (illegal) Palestinian territories - Hamas. One day our government says that not a cent will go to those terrorists, people who openly declare their desire to destroy the Jewish state. These people hate Jews. These people hate Christians and are already imposing shariah, Islamic law, upon fellow Arabs who happen to be Christian. This means that Christian Arabs under Hamas are, well, under Hamas, second class, or dhimmis.

So, says our government, not a cent to Hamas! Is that clear?

Well, no. Next day's story is that our government will give no money DIRECTLY to Hamas but WILL work it around so that our money will flow for HUMANITARIAN purposes. This means that Hamas will not get the check on Monday but will have to wait till Tuesday.

Something else I can't figure out. Each year, up to this moment, the Palestinian Arabs keep getting billions from us (your tax dollars at work), from the European Union, from the United Nations, from fellow Arabs, and still they are broke, always broke. Is Suha Arafat spending all this money at the Champs Elysees?

We also learn that the Palestinian Authority is behind on its payroll because it has 140,000 government employees. Whoa! Did I hear that right? One hundred and forty thousand government employees. It should not take many people to build rat-laced bombs.

Back to those illegals in our country. They march by the millions and demand their "rights." They carry the American flag downwards, the Mexican flag upwards and yell, "Reconquista" and claim that America is "stolen land." There have already been scuffles in high schools between kids true to America against kids true to Mexico. (So why are they here?)

Meanwhile, the people who are running our country are just plain running - running scared.

One day (at this rate), those illegals will have the right to vote. That's what scares them. They want those votes, our politicians do.

Well, one day the rest of us may also decide to vote.