Navy Yard Shooter Bought a Shotgun - as Biden Suggested, Maher Points Out

September 23rd, 2013 2:05 PM

It's with good reason that Bill Maher's liberal politics don't prevent many conservatives from enjoying his comedy.

They know it's just a matter of time before Maher notices that the emperor is strolling down the sidewalk shorn of attire, and Maher will mock him regardless of the target's political affiliation. (Video after the jump)

On his HBO show Friday night, Maher made an observation about the Navy Yard shooting that had eluded observers on both sides all week. He did so after listening to MSNBC's Chris Hayes make the odd claim that "gun rights maximalists" should be "happy" in the wake of the deadly rampage because the nation has reached the point where the president makes a brief statement of regret after a mass shooting, then changes the subject.

Here's what Maher said in response --

MAHER: I think that's what we should do, or not even say a few words about it.

HAYES: You think the same thing. You think we should just, like (throws up hands in resigned manner).

MAHER: For different reasons, but yes. Because we're never going to do anything about this and I'm tired of hearing about the shooters. I don't care about them. I don't care about what we know for sure (makes air quotes gesture). What I know for sure is, we're not going to do anything because both parties love guns. Joe Biden said, buy a shotgun! That's what this guy did -- he bought a shotgun.

It's not just the two major parties that love guns -- so does Maher. Clarification: Maher owns at least one, but he's not a "proud gun owner." Maher has decided his life and property are worth defending with a firearm, but he's holding his nose while doing so lest anyone get the awful impression that he has any affection whatsoever for this horrible thing that protects him.

Two and a half years ago, the victims of a shooting rampage in Tucson had yet to be buried before liberals were blaming Sarah Palin for posting an online map with gun-sight targets over Democrats' congressional districts. After a liberal media frenzy that excoriated Palin as the epitome of evil, the meme persists to this day, despite not a shred of evidence that this is what motivated Tucson shooter Jared Loughner.

Back in February, two months after the Sandy Hook massacre, Biden said  Americans did not need AR-15s or 30-round clips for self-defense. Instead, he advised, they should "buy a shotgun."

Considering that suspected Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis did exactly what Biden suggested before allegedly killing a dozen people, doesn't this warrant even a sliver of the media scrutiny and outrage directed at Palin?

(h/t, Fox Nation)