Sharpton: I'd Urge My Daughters Not to 'Get Rid of a Child' Through Abortion

April 3rd, 2013 6:34 PM

Rare is the "pro-choice" liberal who admits that abortion kills an unborn human being.

The Rev. Al Sharpton made this seldom-witnessed acknowledgement -- or as close as he's likely to get -- on his radio show while drawing an analogy to his views on the Defense of Marriage Act.  (audio clip after page break) --

CALLER: I heard one of your callers earlier discuss the, the judicial or judge's rights to, to approve same-sex marriage. Is that something that you're in support of or was that just a caller letting off steam?

SHARPTON: I, I, I say that I do not think that the, uh, the D.O.M.A. and the laws that, that give judges the authority to decide marriage, I do not agree with that. I think that even people that, uh, let me, let me put it this way. Even if people want to, uh, take away women's right to choose, I would advise my daughters never to, uh, uh, get rid of a child, I don't think I'd have a right to make a law about that. I don't think we have a right to have the law determine marriage. What I do in my church, who I would marry, is my business. Just like I don't want the state running the church, I don't think the church ought to run the state.

Quite a contrast with the opinion of one of Sharpton's MSNBC colleagues, Melissa Harris-Perry, for whom unborn children are little more than "things" in utero. According to her website, Harris-Perry is mother to a daughter. When Harris-Perry was pregnant, did she celebrate her unborn baby's looming arrival with a "thing shower"? 

"I don't think I'd have a right to make a law" outlawing abortion, Sharpton says, opposing a position held by no one, namely, that any single person can dictate whether abortion should be illegal. What if it was opposed by the vast majority of people in this country, Rev. Sharpton -- would they have the right to outlaw abortion?

At last month's CPAC conference, "Coming Apart" author Charles Murray recounted a conversation he had with a person in favor of legalized abortion. Murray told the person he believes abortion is a form of homicide and should be viewed as such. The other person's response -- there is such a thing as justifiable homicide.

I take it as a good sign for Sharpton to admit that abortion entails a pregnant woman deciding to "get rid of a child." The next step will be getting Sharpton to acknowledge that abortion is fetal homicide. Suffice it to say, Harris-Perry will never come around on that.

While I'm on the subject, the student Stalinists at Johns Hopkins University voted to deny club status to an anti-abortion group on campus, comparing its members to white supremacists. But since nearly four times as many unborn children of color are aborted than unborn white babies, one would expect that white supremacists would be ardently in favor of abortion on demand, taxpayer-funded abortions, and even bigger government subsidies for Planned Parenthood.

Instead, it's liberals who support all of these -- and then have the gall to denigrate those opposing such policies as racist. Look no further for a textbook example of projection.

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