Awww ... 'No One Listens to Me,' Laments Libtalker Stephanie Miller

January 30th, 2013 6:50 PM

Don't be misled -- she doesn't actually mean it. False modesty is not one of Stephanie Miller's strong suits.

On her radio show yesterday, Miller did her part to parrot President Obama's demonization of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh while also claiming she lacks influence among liberals.  (audio clip after page break)

Here's what Miller and her lackeys had to say after listening to a clip of Limbaugh (audio) --

MILLER: As we continue Right Wing World, Rush Limbaugh in the main ...

LIMBAUGH: One of the reasons that Fox News and I stand out like sore thumbs here is because the rest of the media is gone, the rest of the media is in the tank, the rest of the media has long ago ceased doing their job. They're not reporting, they're not curious, they're not holding Obama accountable, they are on board. They are part of the agenda advancement team. So Obama says, the only thing standing in my way is Limbaugh and Fox. What do the media do? They go after me and Fox.

JIM WARD:  Um, you are the media.

CHRIS LAVOIE: Yeah, it's number-one rated radio show.

MILLER: The president made a very good point, he's reacting to, the president said, one of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes the debate. He's talking about any kinds of legislation.

LAVOIE: Right.

MILLER: He said they can either,  the media can either help break or uphold partisan gridlock. He said if a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, you'll see more of them doing it. The president also conceded, the same dynamic happens on the Democratic side, but the difference is just more left-leaning media outlets recognize compromise is not a dirty word. Yeah, I mean, he said nobody gets on TV saying I agree with my colleague from the other party, people get on TV for calling each other names and saying the most outlandish things. I mean, how many examples do we have of that where some Republican cowers before Rush Limbaugh and changes his vote or, it's pathetic. Thank God no one listens to me, that's the difference on the Democratic-leaning side. No one listens to me.

Ah, that explains why the website for Miller's program touts it as the "Number #1 radio progressive morning show." And one of her guests today, not incidentally, was Sen. Barbara Boxer, who never lacks for self-regard and surely values her time, seeing how she worked so hard for her success.

Miller is also one of several left-wing radio talkers heard on SiriusXM Left , a major platform for liberals on the airwaves, with satellite radio boasting 20 million listeners.

True, Miller's audience pales next to Limbaugh's. But as with conservative radio, those listening are among the most engaged and politically active voters, who in turn form key constituencies for both major parties.  What's stated on these shows invariably surfaces later in other media and on Capitol Hill.

When it comes to that vast disparity between Limbaugh's success and Miller's proclaimed lack of influence, one unavoidable theory is that quality sells and drivel doesn't.