Mass Killings Are 'Purest Expression of the Conservative Mentality' in America: Daily Kos

Never thought I'd see the left-wing bedwetters at MSNBC as relatively sane. That they are compared to the denizens of the fever swamp known as the Daily Kos.

Based on my previous meanderings on the site, I know that reading through its diarists' posts is among the least fruitful wastes of time imaginable. All seem to follow the same outline: conservatives as sick and/or evil and solely responsible for leftists not creating their inevitable utopia on earth.

The quaintly named "Troubadour" begins the new year with a bloviation along these lines, titled "Socialism vs. Sociopathism."

"An intelligent mind rails against dividing humanity into starkly-defined moral groups," he writes -- followed by him doing exactly that.

"We have reached such a point  in American politics, with one group wanting to address the entire spectrum of viewpoint and philosophy, but being obstructed and demonized at every turn by an increasingly violent and hateful minority who defines all morality and civilization since the dawn of literacy as 'Socialism'," Troubadour complains -- bringing to mind Dorothy Parker's criticism of Katharine Hepburn's acting, that it ran the gamut from A to B.

Left wingers want to "address the entire spectrum of viewpoint and philosophy"? That they do -- providing it does not include the views of roughly 40 percent of Americans who consider themselves conservative, nor those centrist Democrats who come across as apostates to the pure-hearted jihadists at Daily Kos. "Address" away to your hearts' content, Kossacks, no one's stopping you.

Conservatives "see the very idea of human society as The Enemy," Troubadour alleges, "and on some basic level want to reduce all life back to the primordial chaos where it's all against all -- pure, thoughtless instinct and predatory violence. We can call this viewpoint Sociopathism: The Political ideology of nihilism, cruelty and anti-humanity, and currently the moral framework of the Republican Party."

But wait, it gets worse while bordering on parody of left-wing hyperventilation  -- "Listen to the fury with which these psychopaths condemn people who have nothing  -- it's the outrage of one whose very soul is being assaulted. They cannot stand the fact that people who are weaker than them are even allowed to exist (emphasis in the original) without their permission, let alone that they are compelled through taxation to offer them some paltry level of opportunity. And the true insanity of these people is not that they believe their attitudes will produce a better world, it's that they don't even care whether or not that happens -- power and violence without consequence is an end in itself to them, as justified and desirable to them if it resulted in human extinction as it would be if it brought about paradise. This is why the culminating act of so many people who think like this is murder-suicide: When they are trapped, and have nothing left but to express who they are in the most honest way possible, they do exactly that -- and exterminate every bit of life they can get their hands on."

Got that? Mass murder as the "most honest way possible" of expressing frustration. Unintentionally revealing -- and one of the best arguments for the Second Amendment you'll ever hear.

Troubadour, perpetually stuck in the '60s, man, then blames conservatives for the school massacre in Newtown and other murderous rampages -- "So whenever someone invokes the word 'Socialism' in that belligerent, moronic, conversation-ending way conservatives now do almost on a minute-to-minute basis, you know how to describe them: Sociopaths. And you know what they're preaching: Sociopathism -- the total dissolution of all morality, society and human civilization. ... You also know what future they're offering, because the murder-suicide massacres we see from time to time are the purest expression of the conservative mentality as it now exists in this country."

"So now you know what to say," Troubadour writes in conclusion, "whenever one of these degenerate animals comes at you with 'socialism,' thinking they're saying something profound: Tell them 'Yes, I support human society. Sorry to hear you're a sociopath who hates every living thing but yourself.' They weren't interested in a real conversation to begin with, so don't bother conceding complex realities in their favor that they will never appreciate or acknowledge."

Get the feeling that someone, somewhere described the oh so sensitive Troubadour as a socialist one too many times? He's the one who wants a "real conversation" with those psychopathic, degenerate animal conservatives. You know, the ones responsible for every mass killing in our country, en route to their lustful destruction of civilization as we know it.

Most noteworthy about this toxic screed is that it was written after liberal Democrats made significant gains in the 2012 election. Imagine how much more virulent such rants will become if politicians backed by Kossacks gain more power.

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