Republicans Clueless About Condom Use, Sighs Frustrated Libtalker Randi Rhodes

Any volunteers willing to help this woman out? Anyone ....?

Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes cut loose this week with some pre-Thanksgiving venting about the vast ignorance of Republicans extending to condoms (audio clips after page break; h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at --

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, he said, and I thought there was a shred of hope in him that the GOP has to stop being the stupid party. But Bobby Jindal was pushing for a law that teaches creationism. So Bobby, why don't you stop being stupid first? Then I'll stop pointing out how stupid you are. I think that's fair. There's only so many stupid people out there, Republicans. Admittedly they breed kind of fast 'cause they're too dumb to figure out how to use the condom -- even if they believed in using them in the first place.

Begs the question -- what is Rhodes basing this on? No, really. Personal experience? If so, how big a sampling are we talking about? If not first-hand knowledge, did she acquire her expertise about this second hand? Just wondering.

The aptly named Rhodes also took an equally eloquent shot this week at the vastly more talented and successful Rush Limbaugh, go figure, saying this about El Rushbo --

Being a nasty, lying sack of quivering flesh, you know, being like just one of the ugliest, most evil, most, most disdained people in America, most untrusted, unworthy, you know, people who fail upward kind of, right place, right time, you know, guy for all these years, apparently doesn't make you happy. And I'm thankful for that! Thankful!

There -- feeling better after you've gotten that out of your system, Randi? Whatever it takes to keep your self-esteem afloat.

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