Maddow: Abortion Foes Would Force Pregnant Woman to Bear 'Rapist's Baby'

August 22nd, 2012 8:30 PM

For years I have heard abortion enthusiasts contort themselves in knots to avoid saying "baby" when talking about abortion.

Leave it to MSNBC's plucky Rachel Maddow to go where few liberals dare --  acknowledging, albeit indirectly, that abortion involves killing human life at its most vulnerable. (video after page break)

Here is Maddow on her show last night, claiming that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell abandoned his opposition to abortion for pregnancies from rape and incest in a bid to be chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate --

Say what you will about Bob McDonnell, but when he wasn't willing to defend that position anymore, when he wasn't willing to defend making rape victims bear their rapist's baby, Bob McDonnell abandoned that position. He did it messily, he abandoned the position, but he didn't want to be held accountable for that position anymore. And so he abandoned it. He stopped defending the position. He tried to pretend it had never been his position.

The same cannot be said right now for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who are right now trying to have that position but not be held accountable for it. Again, today, the Republican Party's platform committee approved as official party policy no abortion exceptions for rape or incest. The government will force you to bear the rapist's baby.

In her next segment, Maddow showed a clip of McDonnell overseeing the GOP platform committee and praising its work "in affirming our respect for human life." This was followed by a clip of RNC chairman Reince Priebus saying, "This is the party's platform. It's not the platform of Mitt Romney."  Maddow then tripled down, just in case anyone missed her earlier banging of this gong --

That was Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, Gov. Ultrasound, and the chairman of the Republican Party, Mr. Ultrasound applauding the Republican Party's platform committee for their decision to make official Republican Party policy forcing women against their will to bear their rapists' babies.

Maddow last night repeatedly referred to pregnancies involving a "rapist's baby." Yet you never hear her describe abortion as terminating the life of a "mother's baby" -- despite the fact that only women bear children, a biological and legal reality that thwarts a man from stopping the abortion of an unborn child he has fathered.

Not only that, Maddow never cites circumstances where she believes abortion is impermissible -- nor her opinion on when human life begins. As far as she is concerned, it is abortion on demand for the entirety of any pregnancy, and on the taxpayer dime whenever possible. She condemns abortion opponents for the specificity of their objections while declining to state where she would draw the line. A curious reticence, seeing how Maddow otherwise opines about everything under the sun.

In one of her gratuitous digs at McDonnell, Maddow replayed the clip of him thanking GOP platform board members for their work "in affirming our respect for human life," followed by her parroting McDonnell's words and saying this --

Man, that wasn't about the death penalty or anything, obviously. It was obviously about abortion.

Abortion foes hear "respect for human life" and fear for unborn babies, regardless of the circumstances of their conception. Maddow hears the same thing and worries about the most heinous of criminals.