MSNBC Describes Michael Moore, Other Celebs as 'Unsuspecting' One Percenters

Yearning to join the wealthiest one percent of Americans? You may already have -- and not even know it.

Hard to believe such a thing is possible but MSNBC morning anchor Thomas Roberts ran a segment Wednesday about that one percent so reviled by Occupy squatters co-opting public property for their private use around the nation. (video clip after page break)

Apparently there are plenty of people, including Democrats -- liberals even -- who are members of that cursed income cohort and somehow clueless about this.

Here's what Roberts said about the curious phenomenon --

With members of the Occupy Wall Street movement identifying themselves as the 99 percent, it leaves the question, who makes up the one percent? The easy answer -- billionaire bankers, well-known CEOs. But what about one percenters who may not know that they fall into that category? And it seems that some wealthy Americans who have been outspoken in support for the Occupy movement are unaware that they do.

Our "Flipside" today takes a look at some unexpected one percenters. First up, though, 57 members of Congress who fall into the top one percent of earners in the U.S. This includes, yeah, right there, that lady, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has come out in support of the Occupy movement. Next, we go to Hollywood where celebrities like filmmaker Michael Moore, actor Alec Baldwin and business mogul Russell Simmons have all voiced their separate support for the Occupy Wall Street movements, yet they are among the elite one percent. So it's good to know that the Occupy Wall Streeters have some friends in high places.

Good to know, I'm so relieved.

As Thomas mentioned these celebs, their photos were shown in a graphic with the caption, "UNSUSPECTING 1%-ERS." How about that -- all are wealthy yet oddly oblivious to this unsettling reality. Not to worry, though, it probably won't sting much when someone breaks the news. Maybe MSNBC did exactly that in this segment, knowing that all three men are soulmates and most assuredly devoting much of any given day to leaning forward.

Seems to me it was only weeks ago that a testy Michael Moore was berating anyone with the audacity to suggest he might be in that wormy one percent.

Then Moore admitted on his blog that -- slap hand to forehead -- his days in the 99 percent are long since past. In other words, it was Moore who was lying and not his critics, but since Moore is a large yet exceedingly small man, he couldn't come out and acknowledge that too.

In characteristic fashion, MSNBC followed up by pointing out that even though Moore is a one percenter, he remains unsuspecting and therefore blameless.

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