Psycho Talk! Someone Actually Suggested It - President Ed Schultz

... That someone being Cornel West, who used to be a respected scholar unless he decided to focus on full-time engagement as a provocateur.

On "The Ed Show" last night, West was talking with host Ed Schultz about Occupy Wall Street, his arrest outside of the Supreme Court, and GOP presidential candidates when he said this (video below page break) --

Of course we know that Barack Obama is better than any of the mediocre Republican candidates, but that's not saying a whole lot because, my God, you would be a better candidate than any of those put together, brother!

Yes, even you, Ed. But I mean that as a compliment, really.

To his credit, Schultz quickly dampened the suggestion, saying "let's not get carried away." Still, think of the possibilities. In lieu of a State of the Union address, Schultz would deliver a Psycho Speech instead.

You may recall that back in January 2010, shortly after Sen. Byron Dorgan announced he would not seek re-election, Schultz was asked by a top Democrat in the North Dakota legislature if he would be interesting in running for the seat. Schultz wisely decided again it.

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