Wanda Sykes Blames Tenn. Lawmakers for Tracy Morgan's Kill-My-Son-If-Gay Rant

June 14th, 2011 1:14 PM

Tracy Morgan isn't responsible for what he says, not when he's in Nashville -- Republicans in the Tennessee legislature are, according to comedienne Wanda Sykes.

The "30 Rock" actor has generated considerable unease among fellow liberals in recent days, while also mercifully diverting attention from the aptly-named Weiner scandal, after it was reported that Morgan cut loose with a decidedly un-PC standup routine on June 3 in Nashville.

As initially reported by a blogger named Kevin Rogers on his Facebook page, Morgan said that "if his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death."

Morgan also said, according to Rogers, "that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that's just a woman pretending because she hates a f***ing man. ... that the gays needed to quit being p***ies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying ... that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little f***ers, not whine about it. ... how women should be home cooking him a f***ing meal and not becoming CEOs or him talking about f***ing the moms of retards."

After Rogers' posting went viral, Morgan quickly apologized but the debate over his remarks had just begun. The Huffington Post ran a story on reaction to Morgan's "homophobic rant," including these tweets from the openly gay Sykes --

Hey, just got back from family road trip. Ok, Tracy Morgan. Good thing I was busy because it would have been ugly, name calling. Pt 1

Had time to think. Tracy is just a dumb comic. I fault the TN lawmakers. They've created an anti-gay environment. Pt2

Don't believe Tracy would be so ignorant in LA, because we have a mayor, a city council, and police chief who believes (sic) we are all equal. Pt3

"Had time to think" and this is what Sykes concludes -- - that Tennessee Republicans are to blame for what Morgan considers humorous? One can only imagine her initial impression, that Morgan, oh say, must have been kidnapped and replaced by a gay-baiting pod comic.

Tennessee lawmakers are at fault, presumably as Sykes sees it, due to the state senate passing legislation that bans instruction about homosexuality in public schools.

And because Morgan was in Nashville when he said such vile things, he has no control over his own words, at least not to Sykes. Instead, the responsibility for what Morgan says clearly falls instead to Republicans in the legislature, what with their dastardly capacity for mind control over liberal comedians.

After all, as Sykes pointed out in one of her tweets, she didn't believe Morgan "would be so ignorant" in Los Angeles because "we have a mayor, a city council, and police chief" who believe "we are all equal."

In other words, had Morgan even tried to deliver the same shtick in LA, he would have been incapable of forming these thoughts because the public figures cited by Sykes absolve all dutiful liberals of thinking for themselves.