Ed Schultz Laments Not Getting to 'Urinate' in White House 'Yard'

Gee, wondered liberal radio host Ed Schultz, how come conservative talkers got invited to the White House during the Bush presidency but not us lefties?

Here's how Schultz put it in his inimitable way on Wednesday, initially describing how President-elect Obama has yet to call on a Fox News reporter during his transition press conferences (click here for audio) --

I should just tickle the memory a little bit of progressives out there and liberals across America that the Bush administration was a very selective White House. Ah, you know, they have soirees in the Oval Office with the right-wing talkers of America. In fact, many of you who don't get this, it's an industry magazine known as Talkers magazine, Michael Harrison is the publisher, does a real favor to the industry and a service to the industry by doing this monthly magazine, but there was a front-cover picture of Bush in there with all the right-wing talkers. You know who they are -- Hannity, Ingraham, Boortz, Medved, Gallagher, Levin, I think he was all there, I don't know. And the progressive talkers, you know, we lefties with microphones, we were never invited to the White House. Never got a chance to even urinate on the yard. You know? None of that.

With Obama destined for the White House, Mr. Schultz, looks like you'll finally get your chance. Try not dribble on your pants before heading into the Oval Office.

Given the Obama team's much-touted skills at logistics, surely they'll line up sufficient punchbowls and Porta-Potties to handle all liberal talk host contingencies. Then again, by eschewing punchbowls they'll need only half as many Porta-Potties, which attendees such as Schultz won't use anyway.

Schultz's Thanksgiving Eve utterance was the latest in a series of odd pronouncements from the top-ranked liberal radio host, including his comparison of Big Three CEOs seeking a federal bailout to a prostitute haggling with a john and post-election conspiracy-mongering about falling oil prices.

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