Matthews Wonders if Americans Were Brainwashed to Support Iraq War

On Monday's edition of Hardball, host Chris Matthews claimed that Americans were brainwashed into believing there was "a connection to 9/11" and Iraq. Matthews went on to insinuate that the Bush administration brain washed us with the way American soldiers would be greeted and the use of cheap oil.


Transcript follows.

MATTHEWS: When he [Mit Romney's father] came back from meeting with the generals in Vietnam, you know what I'm going to say. He brain washed. A lot Americans might not find that as funny as they did back then. Today a lot of Americans were led to believe certain facts about this war in Iraq that have turned out not to be well founded. You think we were brain washed. The extent of saying there was a connection to 9/11. The people there would greet us with flowers and roses and love us. That it would pay for our cheap gas. It would pay for the war itself. The Iraqi oil. All these flowery promise that's turned out to be way overoptimistic.

MIT ROMNEY: Well, Mcnamara actually said he lied to the American People. So my dad was right. Putting that aside.

MATTHEWS: Were we brain washed?

ROMNEY: Of course not. There's a fog of foreign relations as well as to what's happening in the world. What's happening in the world of Islam? What's happening with the different factions of Islam? Which jihadists are going to thrive? Which one will shrink?

Iraq Hardball

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