60 Minutes Profiles Colbert, Slams O'Reilly

In the wake of his gig at The White House Correspondents Dinner, Steven Colbert scored a profile on tonight's 60 Minutes.

You can view the video here.

Here's how the segment began:

And now for some fake news, The Colbert Report. If you flip through the cable news channels any week night, you're bound to see a collection of talking heads, or rather, shouting heads, who draw large audiences with a diet of often wildly inaccurate but patriotic and combative noise. The shows are not exactly news or entertainment but are exactly outrageous. Bill O'Reilly perfected the formula on FOX and others have successfully followed his recipe. With all of their excesses, it was only a matter of time before someone came along to skewer them. Well, the eagle has landed.

Oh, how predictable. Watch the clip and note how, conviently, it's only FOX News anchors that are portrayed as "shouting heads." It shows O'Reilly, Hannity, but, surprisingly, the shouter-in-chief himself, Chris Matthews, is conspicuously absent. But even worse, the segment implies that Bill O'Reilly is a racist by showing O'Reilly interviewing Al Sharpton and saying, "plantations were very efficient." Of course, its completely out of context but would you expect anything less from 60 Minutes?

60 Minutes

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