VILE! Leftist Media Blame Conservatives for ‘Stoking’ Racial Hatred

September 19th, 2023 10:00 AM

It’s sick. For the past two months the leftist media have pushed the bogus and disgusting narrative that conservatives (mostly GOP presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis) are trying to erase Black Americans from the history books.

It’s not remotely true. 

Worst of all, some liberal journalists even blamed conservatives for the Jacksonville shooting in August. Liberal hosts and reporters claimed  conservatives who challenged CRT theories being taught in public schools had sent a “signal” that stoked “racial hatred,” that led to the Jacksonville shooting.

The following are some of the most recent and heinous examples of the media accusing Republicans and conservatives of stoking racial hatred:  


DeSantis Sent “Signal” to Those Who Believe Black People Are “Worthy of Extermination”




“We can’t talk about Jacksonville without talking about the political environment around Black people and particularly around Black history in Florida. There is a reason Governor DeSantis was booed when he did the right thing by going to the community, but the community booed him for a reason, his so-called anti-woke legislation, what’s happening with the teaching of Black history in Florida public schools. That sends a message not only to the Black community that the governor does not think much of you or your history or your contributions to this country, but it also sends a signal to those people, deranged or not, who believe that Black people are inferior and therefore are worthy of extermination.”
Washington Post Editor/PBS contributor Jonathan Capehart on PBS’s NewsHour, September 1. 


DeSantis Stoked “Racial Hatred”



“There is a history of governors, of southern governors stoking racial hatred and animus, specifically directed at black people, and then the results are reaped in black communities….It seems to me that [Ron] DeSantis has decided that being that kind of governor will make him president.”
— Host Joy Reid during discussion of racist shooting in Jacksonville, Florida as aired on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, August 28. 


Did DeSantis Rhetoric “Contribute” To Racist Shooting?

“Governor DeSantis attended a vigil on Sunday. He was booed by people in the community there….[Florida Times-Union] columnist Nate Monroe partly laid the blame of that shooting on leaders like Mr. DeSantis….Quote: ‘Wars on ‘woke’ and villainizing ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ and peddling the fictitious chivalry of the nation’s slave-holding founders — it is catnip for awful people with awful ideas.’ Mayor Deegan, do you agree with that? Those policies, does that language — those contribute to these kinds of attacks?”
— Host Amna Nawaz to Jacksonville, Florida Democratic Mayor Donna Deegan on PBS NewsHour, August 29.


CNN to Ramaswamy: How Dare You Point Out Democratic Racism?



“You took issue with comments from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. She reportedly said, quote, ‘We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.’ About that, you said, ‘These are the words of the modern grand wizards of the modern KKK.’ You know, I’m sure, the KKK was responsible for more than a century’s worth of horrific lynchings, rapes, murders of black people. How in any way are the views you’re talking about comparable to the views and atrocities committed by the KKK?”
— Host Dana Bash to GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on CNN’s State of the Union, September 10.


DeSantis Has Been “Fueling and Feeding” “Anti-Blackness” 



“The governor of Florida said that this guy [Jacksonville shooter] was a scumbag. He talked about the fact that this was unacceptable. No, governor, you are fueling and feeding the deepest animus against blackness, the anti-blackness that threads itself through our culture, and sometimes, that flares up and flashes in acts of hate and destruction that we saw the other day.”
— Former MSNBC analyst/Vanderbilt University Professor Professor Michael Eric Dyson on CNN Tonight, August 28.

“Ron DeSantis scoffed when the NAACP issued a travel advisory this spring warning Black people to use ‘extreme care’ if traveling to Florida. The leading civil rights group argued that the state’s loose gun laws and the Republican governor’s ‘anti-woke’ campaign to deny the existence of systemic racism created a culture of ‘open hostility towards African Americans and people of color.’ Just three months later, DeSantis is leading his state through the aftermath of a racist attack that left three African Americans dead.” 
— AP reporters Steve Peoples and Brendan Farrington in the August 29 article “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces Black leaders’ anger after racist killings in Jacksonville.”


MSNBC Actually Upset at DeSantis For Labeling Racist Shooter a “Scumbag”



Host Andrea Mitchell: “At the vigil, [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis called the gunman a scumbag and Jeffrey Rumlin, a Jacksonville pastor who spoke after DeSantis, was very direct in his response. He said ‘at the end of the day, respectfully, governor, he was not a scumbag, he was a racist.’ What’s your response to that?”...
Correspondent Trymaine Lee: “The issue with that language is it places the onus on one individual….as opposed to a nationwide sickness of white supremacy in the country and the violence it fuels. As so long as he is a scumbag or as long as there’s a mental health issue you don’t have to engage with the idea that there are, you know, co-conspirators online, co-conspirators who create legislation that divide[s].”  
— MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, August 29. 


Book Banning Conservatives Want to “Whitewash History,” and “Soften the Brutality” of Slavery



“The hypocrisy of America has always been great. ‘Oh, yes, we’re sorry for what happened — it’s horrible — it’s terrible.’ Every now and again, we have episodes of reckoning. But, more likely, we have the Governor Ron DeSantises of the world who want to whitewash history…. Right after the Civil War….and the South was supposed to pay, all of them got pardons. And they were pardoned not for the sin of slavery —  they were pardoned for taking action against the Union. And all of the great enslavers were forgiven without reckoning with their great sin. So the best route to reconstructing America for those white folk was to erase memory of racial fracture and history….that has continued till this date….What’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. And so we’re forgetting it. This is why a governor in Florida wants to ban books….about that history that would tell the truth about how America got where it is.”
— Former MSNBC analyst/Vanderbilt University Professor Michael Eric Dyson on PBS’s Amanpour & Co., August 28. 



“Dr. Lonzer, can you help folks understand exactly what the change is in how aspects of slavery will now be taught in Florida schools? Just so folks who may not have followed this closely understand exactly what the change in language was…It seems to be an attempt to soften the brutality, brutality of it all.”
— Host Jim Sciutto to Alpha Phi Alpha General President Willis Lonzer III on CNN News Central, July 27.


Work of Civil Rights Activists Being “Erased” In Schools 



Correspondent Jason Carroll: “Of great concern to [civil rights activists] Mr. [Courtland] Cox and Mr. [Edward] Flanagan is when they see the push to change how African American Studies are taught in the United States. These are people who lived through lynchings — they lived through not having access to jobs or education. Again, a reminder that this is a fight for them that is not over.”
Host Victor Blackwell: “These men are national treasures, I mean, I can only imagine the conversations you were afforded with them. And when we look, as they said, at these school districts now are trying to rob students of learning not only about what these men fought against, but also in some cases these actual events.”
Carroll: “And that’s why there is this great concern not only about concerns about getting jobs in this current day and age, but also that much of what they went through is going to be erased.”
— CNN This Morning, August 25.


“Can’t Even Say Slavery Was Bad” 



“You can’t even say slavery was bad now in the Republican Party. That’s how far it’s gone.”
— Host Joy Reid on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, July 27. 


Will Be “Illegal” to Read About Slavery In Florida



“We know there’s darkness. We know that it was illegal to teach enslaved people how to read. Soon in Florida, it may be illegal to read about an enslaved person.”
— Director/Actor Mario Van Peebles during preview of the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington as aired on CNN Tonight, August 26.