GOP ‘Bringing Back the Lynching Vibe,’ Could Spark a ‘Secession’ 

May 6th, 2023 8:00 AM

Yikes! Leftist journalists went full bore in scaring Americans about Republicans with the likes of MSNBC’s Joy Reid disgustingly suggesting GOPers were “bringing back” a “lynching vibe” and Washington Post editor Robert Kagan predicting Republicans causing a possible “dissolution of the United States and secession” if they don’t win in 2024.

So fearful of a 2024 GOP win, ABC’s The View co-host Joy Behar inadvertently admitted her concerns about the current President when she offered “I’d rather have Joe Biden drooling than any Republican.”

The following are just a few of the craziest outbursts from liberal media types over the last month: 


Republicans “Bringing Back the Lynching Vibe” 



“You have Republicans in multiple states including Florida passing and pushing laws that will allow people to hit Black Lives Matter protesters or any protesters they like with their cars….They seemed to have gotten back into lynching, hanging, all sorts of other draconian 19th-Century fare. What is going on with Republicans that they seem to be bringing back the lynching vibe?...Fascism has many features. And one of them is this sort of lust to be able to harm or kill your political opponents and it feels like across the board on the right, there is this kind of sort of lust for that, right? For we need to be able to not let our political opponents vote, but also to hurt them or worse.”
— Host Joy Reid on MSNBC’s The ReidReport, April 10. 


Republicans Will Bring About “Secession” If Trump Doesn’t Win in 2024



“He’s [Donald Trump] going to make it clear to his supporters that if he loses [in 2024 campaign] it can only be a result of fraud and therefore I think the entire Republican Party is going to — if Trump loses — say that the election was fraudulent and at that point I think we face a very serious possibility of dissolution of the United States and secession.” 
Washington Post’s Editor-At-Large Robert Kagan on Washington Post Live, May 5. 


Republicans Stripping “Rights from Americans”



“‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ The Declaration of Independence certainly rings hollow today as the Republican party continues to push legislation that is not only wildly unpopular and dangerous, but also strips these unalienable rights from Americans.”
— Host Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC’s The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart, April 15.


Penalize Democrats for Disruptive Behavior? Must Be Racism

“Is the issue being a member of the minority party or is the issue being a minority state rep?”
— Correspondent Mark Strassman to Tennessee State Representative Justin Jones on CBS Mornings, April 13. 


GOP Trying to Sound Like Cool Mom and Moral Majority



“For the last five years, we’ve heard from Republicans, especially even during COVID, about how freedom was going to reign and that they were just going to let people make decisions for themselves. They want to be the cool mom of politics. Well, that era has ended…. If Democrats are able to say that we are the party that says you can make these decisions, you can make decisions for your family….I think that that will be politically profitable….For Republicans, it’s going to be challenging to try to sound simultaneously like cool mom and the moral majority that so many of us grew up with.”
New York Times reporter Jane Coaston on ABC’s This Week, April 16.  


GOP Has Turned America Into Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam



“We’re now seeing images that resemble a film that we saw out of Vietnam, video that we saw out of Fallujah. Video that we saw out of Kandahar. Video that we see when our soldiers are fighting foreign wars, and they take gunfire. Except this is happening in local banks. It’s happening in elementary schools, it’s happening at country music concerts, it’s happening in churches, it’s happening in synagogues, it’s happening in grocery stores, it’s happening in colleges, it’s happening everywhere Americans live….Republicans always said ‘we got to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.’ Okay, well, we’re fighting them over there, but we’re fighting ourselves over here. We’re fighting a Republican Party that will not do what 90 percent of Americans want them to do on [gun control.]”
— Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, April 12.


Roker Blames Climate Change for More Home Runs?! 



“Hey, how about a little baseball? Climate change and home runs. That’s right, home run weather. Heat and humidity reduce air density so baseballs can fly further. Well, guess what, they have been taken off, the baseball season has warmed over two degrees since 1970, each two degrees of warming adds 95 runs per season. That's right, and that’s why we've been seeing all of these home runs. Top ten ballparks that will see more home runs with climate change, from Baltimore, Washington, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, even Minneapolis. So, there you have it. More home runs, but that means we are warming up as far as our climate is concerned.” 
— NBC weatherman Al Roker on NBC’s Today, April 13.


“Drooling” Joe Biden Better Than “Any Republican” 



“Well I’ll tell you something, I’d rather have Joe Biden drooling than any Republican.”
Co-host Joy Behar on ABC’s The View, April 28.


Inspired by Biden’s “Soul Cycle” Ad About “Unifying the Soul” 



“There are two types of people in this world. There are the people that are motivated by a soul cycle instructor, like, ‘You can do this, go to the top of the mountain,’ or a boot camp instructor. I believe in the soul cycle vision. You have to be hopeful. And I think that’s what works in this country when you’re a politician. I don’t think anyone lives their best life afraid. And I think that whole [Joe Biden] ad he did was about unifying the soul….But that GOP ad was so disturbing.”
— Co-host Sara Haines on ABC’s The View, April 26.


“God Was Really Clear” on Kids Transitioning



“My God. This is a party that says, ‘We believe in parents’ rights.’ You're telling me that, as a parent, I’m not smart enough to decide if my child and I need to have gender-affirming —  or doctors are not involved? What is going — I can’t decide what my kid reads. I can’t decide for my child what my child says is going on. You’re telling me your beliefs — and they keep saying it and I keep saying, what Bible are you reading? ‘Cause God was really clear.”
— Co-host Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s The View, April 27.


Comedian Fine with Erasing Clarence Thomas From History

“Call it what it is. Anti-CRT policies are an attack on black history and an attempt to erase the contributions of black people from the history books. That’s what it is. You are trying to erase black people and a lot of black people wouldn’t mind some of that erasure, as long as that black person is Clarence Thomas.”
— Comedian Roy Wood Jr. at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, April 29.