Celebrities Can’t Wait to Kick Trump Out of the White House

November 16th, 2020 9:51 AM

Ever since Election Night, celebrities have been clamoring to throw Donald Trump out of the White House. 

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert even wanted to draw up an enemies list of Republicans who refused to stand up to the “evil” “fascist” Trump and his plot to “kill democracy.” 

Jimmy Kimmel disparaged the people who voted for Trump, as he condescendingly chided “What more did Donald Trump have to do to show us that he’s insane and not fit to lead this country? I feel like I overestimated the American people.”

Comedian Sarah Silvermann wondered why Trump wasn’t in “jail,” and author Stephen King tweeted it was time for the “miserable self-entitled f*cker” to “concede and get the hell out” of the White House. 

The following are just a few of the most obnoxious slams on Trump by celebrities since Election Day: 



Republicans Must Speak Against Trump’s “Fascist” Plot to “Kill Democracy” 



“Republicans have to speak up — all of them. Because for evil to succeed, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. So say something right now, Republicans. Not later, not after you’ve stuck your finger up in the wind or wherever you want to put it. Right now, it’s in your best interest.  You only survived this up until now because a lot of voters didn't want to believe everything that was obvious to so many of us: That Donald Trump is a fascist. And when it comes to democracy versus fascism, I’m sorry, there are not fine people on both sides. So you need to choose: Donald Trump or the American people? This is the time to get off the Trump Train. Because he just told you where the train is going, and it’s not a passenger train, and he’ll load you on it someday, too….[Americans] are going to count who is going to speak up against Donald Trump trying to kill democracy, and they’ll count who will stay silent in the face of this desperate attack on the bedrock institution of this truly great nation.”

— Host Stephen Colbert on CBS’s The Late Show, November 5. 


Can’t Wait to Throw Out “Miserable” “Infantile” “F*cker” 

“You lost, you miserable self-entitled infantile fucker. Concede and get the hell out.”

— November 8 tweet by author Stephen King.


Cheering Defeat of “Child Abducting Gangster Nazi, Sex Predator” 

“America is a deeply fucked up place - that so many citizens could not cut through Paritisan divisions & propagandas - is profoundly troubling - Trump a child abducting gangster nazi 

Sex  predator - 

but 70 million stood up through the pandemic & threats & kicked his ass.”

— November 5 tweet by actor John Cusack. 


Only Way GOP Could Win Was Through Stealing 

“I’m going to make this as simple as humanly possible for everyone. Biden is going to win and the GOP is shocked that suppressing millions of votes, using the USPS as a weapon and making it as fucking hard as humanly possible to count the votes didn’t give them a stolen victory.”

— November 5 tweet by actor Josh Gad. 


Hollywood Hates Half the Country



“I have to say, I’m very happy and relieved that it looks like we’re finally sending this monster back to Mar-a-Lago....I’m also shocked that it was this close....It is unimaginable to me that close to half of American voters saw what this man has done to this country over the last four years. How he kowtowed to Vladimir Putin, he cozied up to Kim Jong-un. He alienated us from our allies, he put children in cages. He villainized the free press. He hid his tax returns. He tear gassed peaceful protesters….He misled us about COVID. He dismantled the pandemic response team. He dismantled health care, he called neo-Nazis very fine people. He hired a never-ending parade of imbeciles, he lied, he lied, he lied, and then he lied some more, he is a liar and a cheat who wants them to stop counting thousands of legitimate votes….I mean what more did Donald Trump have to do to show us that he’s insane and not fit to lead this country? I feel like I overestimated the American people.”

— Host Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, November 4. 



Why Isn’t Trump In Jail?

“Usually when a man steals children and keeps them in cages he goes to jail. But in America he is neck and neck for president.”

— November 4 tweet by comedian/actress Sarah Silverman. 


“Dangerously Racist” America Votes for “Hatred”

“There can be two truths. Biden IS going to win this thing AND America has shown itself to be dangerously racist, pathetic and more willing to vote for hatred than their own lives. But at least we will get to fight another day. #CountAllTheVotes.”

— November 4 tweet by actor Josh Gad. 


Goading Donald to Give Up 

“Come on, Donald. You need to give up. Just like you did with your casinos, your wives, your weight and Covid-19. Give up, already.”

— November 6 tweet by Star Trek actor George Takei. 


Wanting to Set Trump Voters on Fire 

“Fuck Donald Tromp and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, ETC who supported him burnnnnnnnnnn.”

— November 4 tweet by singer/actress Janelle Monae. 


Appalled At Americans For Not Resoundingly Throwing Out Racist Rapist 

“fact this is close is an utterly damning  portrait of decadence & decay : these aren’t votes for policies or ideologies - They are votes for a man who’s mentally ill & killing people in a pandemic & a child abducting rapist & rascist [sic].”

— November 3 tweet by actor John Cusack.