NBC News Sells Commemorative Obama 'Yes We Can!' DVD

Right before the 9:35am segment, on Monday's "Today" show, a commercial from NBC News was aired announcing a special DVD on Barack Obama's life story was for sale on its Web site. What is particularly odd is that a news organization would actually use Obama's own campaign slogan to title the DVD, and if memory serves there was no special DVD offered for George W. Bush's inauguration. The question has to be asked how much time will the DVD devote to such gaffes as Barack's "bitter" quote or Michelle's "For the first time...I'm proud to be an American," quote as well as any Jeremiah Wright/Bill Ayers mentions compared to any time given to NBC's own Chris Matthews and Lee Cowan "thrill" moments.

The following ad was aired during the November 10th, "Today" show:

ANNOUNCER: NBC News Presents, "Yes We Can! The Barack Obama Story!" A DVD of his life and road to the White House. Pre-order now at NBCSTORE.COM.

The following is the description of the video found on the NBC Store Web site:

NBC News presents "Yes We Can!" the story of Barack Obama. This commemorative DVD takes you through the story of Barack Obama's life - his campaign to win his party's nomination, his campaign for the presidency, and finally his victorious history-making win. DVD extras include footage of the full inspiring speeches which were the most pivotal and memorable ones of his 2-year campaign.

Run Time: approx. 4 Hours

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