'Today' Food Editor Claims Global Warming Making Napa Valley Wines Passe

March 27th, 2008 3:25 PM

Proving that no segment, be it even one on food trends, is safe from liberal bias, NBC's "Today" show food editor claimed, in a report on hot new food trends, that global warming was causing Napa Valley wines to become passe. On Thursday's "Today" show co-anchors Ann Curry and Hoda Kotb sipped wine, while Lempert claimed that North Carolina wines were going to be all the rage because Napa Valley wineries were being harmed by "global warming."

The following exchange occurred on the March 27 "Today" show:

ANN CURRY: Talk about the wines because now you're saying--

PHIL LEMPERT: Napa, Napa out!

CURRY: It's not out! It'll never be out. I'd quibble with that.

LEMPERT: Well, well now according to global warming studies--


LEMPERT: --what we see is it's getting warmer in Napa.

KOTB: Oh okay.

LEMPERT: So by the end of this century about six degrees warmer. So now the new wines are coming from North Carolina and--

KOTB: I think Ann you can taste that.

LEMPERT: You can taste the wine. And, and this is what's gonna be hot this year.