Gore: Health Care a ‘Right,’ Current System a Wrong

October 16th, 2007 4:11 PM
As if America hadn’t overdosed on media attention of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore last week, the former vice president donated his latest efforts to the cause.

Gore managed to find time amidst celebration this past weekend to post a series of videos on his peer-to-peer video sharing site, Current.tv – including one calling for “government-funded” health care. He is chairman of Current.tv.

Looking more like a bored college student making a video in his dorm room or a clip from Saturday Night Live, Gore was shown proclaiming that health care in America “ought to be a matter of right,” addressing what he thinks to be an “immoral” health care situation.

“I strongly support universal single-payer government-provided or government-funded health care” droned a languid Gore in his video.  Michael Moore was clearly overjoyed by the plug for universal health care, as the video is now also listed under the title ‘Gore Goes SiCKO’ on Moore’s Web site.

Moore has used his movie to promote a crusade to mandate universal care. The Business & Media Institute revealed in a June article the flaws in Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ and the gushing media coverage it had received from the media.

Alas, Gore puts that media support to shame. Since the release of his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” in early 2006, media coverage has given him almost rock star status. On October 10, BMI warned of Gore’s lack of willingness to enter into a debate on global warming. Also, in an article posted last Friday, BMI detailed the extent to which the success Gore has enjoyed has been a result of media endorsement.

Despite rumors and websites such as DraftGore.com, Gore has not of yet indicated he may seek a 2008 Democratic Nomination. Nevertheless, it appears he thinks the public is interested in his opinion. The two other videos posted by Gore state his position on the recent hot topics of troop withdrawal and increased protection for Americans against invasion of privacy by the Executive Branch.

All three of the former vice president’s recent videos, averaging around one long minute each, appear to have been posted by Gore himself and serve as further examples of just how far left his positions are.