Oprah Redefines Normal Once Again

“Unconventional and Unforgettable Dads” was the title of Oprah’s April 13 broadcast in which she shamelessly promoted gay adoption, featuring a touching story about a famous author and his “unconventional family.”

Gregory Maguire and Andy Newman fell in love in the 90s, and soon after expanded their “family” by adopting two young boys from Cambodia and a girl from Guatemala. They got married in Massachusetts in 2004 soon after same-sex marriage was legalized. The two men shared the spotlight of Oprah’s stage with single fathers who have overcome difficult circumstances to raise their children.

Matt Logelin, was one of them. On March 25, 2008, Logelin was left alone to raise his day-old daughter when his wife Liz died of a blood clot shortly after childbirth.

Oprah stated that “Having two dads might seem unconventional but its all Luke, Alex and Helen have ever known.” Maguire insisted to Oprah that everything is normal, saying, “We do all the things that a dad and mom are traditionally expected to do. It's been a surprising non-issue … the children live it as naturally as they breathe oxygen. Sometimes Luke will even suggest: ‘Look, you might ask me what it's like to breathe the air on a different planet, but I don't live on a different planet. I live here, I breathe oxygen, and you are my dads.’”

This wink-and-a-smile type pass Oprah gives to strange family dynamics is not new for the powerful media mogul. The April issue of her ‘O’ magazine, featured an emotional, six page narrative promoting the desirable lifestyle of lesbian love. Oprah is so inclusive of non-traditional families that she even ignored the obvious biological difference between males and females skirting the issue that Thomas Beatie, the “pregnant man” is in reality, a woman.

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