Despite Evidence to Contrary, Boston Globe Says MA Economy is 'Generally Improving'

In an October 16, 2009, article in the Boston Globe, staffer Andrea Estes makes the eye-opening assertion that the economy in Massachusetts is "generally improving." Facts and reality suggest otherwise. Consider:

  • In 2009 alone, unemployment in Massachusetts has swelled from 7.4% (Jan. 2009) to 9.3% (Sept. 2009).
  • "[L]ocal aid to cities and towns [is] already down more than $700 million from the level originally approved in the fiscal 2009 budget, which began in July 2008."
  • "[T]ax revenues for the first quarter of the fiscal year came in $212 million lower than expected."
  • Estes' article begins, "As many as 2,000 state jobs could be eliminated, Governor Deval Patrick warned yesterday, unless unions agree to concessions necessary to help close an estimated $600 million budget shortfall that could trigger spending cuts throughout state government."

What's Estes' claim that the Massachusetts economy is "generally improving"? She doesn't tell us.

This past summer, after decades with a 5% sales tax, Massachusetts increased it to 6.25%. Yet there has yet to appear any sign that the increase will help the state's coffers.

From Estes' article:

The disappointing revenues, despite recent tax increases and a generally improving economy, could hurt Patrick as he heads into next year’s reelection campaign. State officials acknowledged that the budget woes could grow when it comes to formulating the budget for the next fiscal year, because there will be no federal stimulus money to help fill any gaps.


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