LAT, NYT Near Silent On Palin E-Mail Hack

Imagine if Barack or Michelle Obama's e-mail had been hacked. Would the reaction from the folks at the Los Angeles Times be so muted? If an Obama were the victim, it's easy to picture Times editor Tim Rutten penning a hissy-fit op-ed, angrily demanding a federal investigation, and trying to formulate how the McCain campaign was directly involved.

The Times relegated the story of Palin's e-mail account being hacked to the "National Briefing" section, buried in the middle of page A16, with a puny 85 words, in Thursday's paper (9/18/08). (See the image of the story.)

The New York Times? The story didn't even make it to the actual paper; it only went as far as their blog.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, at least put the story on page A04 on Thursday. Sunday's paper will feature a general-interest technology column on page B02, related to Palin and the world of hacking. Well ... at least they've printed something.

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