Los Angeles Times Silent on Hillary's "Plantation" Remark

January 17th, 2006 9:28 PM

By now, we've all heard about Hillary Clinton's bombastic "plantation" remark at an MLK Day event at a Harlem church yesterday (Monday, January 16, 2006).

One place you won't hear about it is in today's print edition of the Los Angeles Times, who failed to find room for even one word about the statement.

Remarkably, earlier this month, the Times was able to find room for three items on Pat Robertson's bizarre Ariel Sharon remark (Jan6: here, Jan12: here, and Jan13: here).

Why is the Los Angeles Times turning its back on Hillary malfeasance? As we reported here and here a while back, the Times did not publish anything about the $35,000 fine imposed on a Hillary campaign group for underreporting hundreds of thousands of dollars at a 2000 fundraiser in Hollywood, the Times' backyard.

By the way, the Times also put an odd twist in reporting on New Orleans Mayor Nagin's interesting "chocolate" comment yesterday. Claimed the Times' Miguel Bastillo in today's paper (emphasis mine),

"He [Nagin] also spoke of New Orleans becoming 'chocolate' again — an apparent reference to 'Chocolate City,' the 1970s funk recording by Parliament that called on blacks to fill the urban void left by white flight."

Uhhh. Well, Nagin made no reference to the recording group in his apology today. I guess it wasn't that "apparent." Nice try, Miguel.