Media Silent on Violent Planned Parenthood Video

August 9th, 2005 9:31 PM

       Overwhelmingly, pro-lifers condemn violence against abortionists and their co-workers. However, it doesn't appear that feeling is mutual at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), who have posted an animated video that displays gross acts of brutality against those who wish to advance the messages of life and abstinence. In addition to its violence, the video also extends its own degree of tastelessness and disrespect. But, as they say, the silence in the mass media is deafening.

        In the span of a few minutes, the Planned Parenthood video displays the following:

  • A female "superhero for choice," named Dionysus, tells a strange-looking proponent of abstinence, "The only truth here is you're ugly, and your momma dresses you funny." The superhero then drowns the man by stuffing him upside down in a trash can full of liquid. "It looks like it's time to take out the trash," the superhero adds.
  • Pro-life picketers are portrayed as very ugly looking, one of whom has awful green skin and yellow eyes.
  • The superhero observes pro-life protesters (she calls them "anti-choice demonstrators") and remarks, "Mostly I wish they would just disappear." She then zaps them with a gun which covers each of the protesters with a giant condom. After a moment, each of them explodes, killing them.
  • In a scene in Washington DC, the Washington Monument is completely enveloped with a giant condom (!).
  • A pro-life senator is dumped in boiling green liquid and lifted out to reveal that he's naked on a plate with an apple in his mouth.
  • Dionysus makes the questionable comment, "Besides, money spent now for the funding of family planning will save billions of dollars in future social expenditures." (Hmmm. Eugenics, anyone?)
  • Dionysus remarks, "I have an appointment with Jerry Falwell, that schmuck."
  • In the closing credits, a pro-life protester is knocked over with a condom and another is completely decapitated!

        A WorldNetDaily article quoted writer Dawn Egan, who hit the nail on the head: "Now, I ask you, if the American Life League's website featured a cartoon depicting an ALL superhero blowing up nonviolent Planned Parenthood activists, would Planned Parenthood just shrug it off? I think we all know what would happen. There would be an uproar."

        So far, there's been no "uproar" in the mass media. This story has been mainly confined to a few conservative and pro-life sites and talk shows. A Google search at 5pm Tuesday reveals that not one major media outlet has covered this story. says ... Business as usual as the MSM covers for Planned Parenthood. It's hard to imagine this kind of silence if the tables were turned.