Mad Magazine Attacks Palin as a ‘Delusional’ ‘Blunder Woman’

It doesn't matter whether it's Spider-Man giving the fist bump to President Obama or New Jersey kids singing Dear Leader's praises, the left likes to indoctrinate the young. The latest example is Mad Magazine trying to make former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin look foolish and "dangerously delusional."

Mad magazine, which no doubt you are surprised even exists anymore, decided the way to get attention is make fun of Palin. The January 2010 issue bashes Palin as "Blunder Woman" in part of a cover story devoted to the "20 Dumbest, People, Events and Things" of 2009. The magazine criticized her for "going ‘rogue,'" saying "‘rogue' is the Eskimo word for ‘stupid.'"

The Palin item depicts her in a skimpy Wonder Woman-esque outfit standing behind three different comic book covers. Those range from her tangling with the Joker, depicted as David Letterman, for his joking about her daughter to "The War of 2012: Part 1 of 36." Here's the text they included with the item:

"ALASKA LOSES ITS GOVERNOR The Flaking of Palin 1,2,3 Sarah Palin claims she enjoys going "rogue." (Apparently "rogue" is the Eskimo word for "stupid.") She lamented that many lame duck governors slack off during their last term - only to up and quit during her first term! She slammed David Letterman for joking about her daughter, and making light of statutory rape, only to counter his joke by insinuating that Letterman himself was a statutory rapist. She challenged the media to stop lying about her...then lied about Obama's health care plan and how he's in favor of "Death Panels" to kill Grandma. We wonder if the Eskimos have a word for "dangerously delusional political hack."

The former governor is in good company. On the cover, the magazine announced "We give thumbs down to" and the list also included former Vice President Dick Cheney and TV host Glenn Beck. Mad Magazine itself is a Warner Bros. company.

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