9/11 Truther Comic to Be Released in September

Via USA Today comes word of the splashy comics company Image putting out a 9/11 Truther comicbook titled "The Big Lie" (h/t to Four Color Media Monitor):

In The Big Lie, the heroine is a woman named Sandra, who lost her husband, Carl, during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. A particle physicist working at the Large Hadron Collider, she figures out a practical way to travel back in time, so she ventures from present day to Manhattan an hour before the first plane hits the towers on Sept. 11, 2001. She rushes to his office at a risk-management consulting agency, but since she has aged 10 years, Carl can't quite accept that it's her. And even though she brings evidence on her iPad, neither her spouse nor his co-workers believe her warnings. "The meat of the story is her trying to convince these 'experts' that the terrorist attack is about to happen," Veitch says. "So it's essentially a taut emotional drama with the facts and questions surrounding 9/11 sewed into it."


Note the word "experts" in quotes, there. Now, just imagine Veitch saying that, and then the following, about Barack Obama's birth certificate:

Going into this project, he didn't consider himself a "Truther," yet living during the eras of the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Iran/Contra and the invasion of Iraq, Veitch admits that he's skeptical about any "official" story provided by the government. "Reading the 9/11 Commission Report, it's pretty clear that a lot of important evidence about the lead-up to the attacks and the collapse of the towers was ignored or glossed over," he explains. "And I'm pretty angry about the aftermath: how Iraq was invaded based on false intelligence and the occupation mismanaged resulting in over 100,000 civilian deaths."

Remarkably, Veitch says that "he has aimed the book itself straight at the middle." Really? Because he then also says this:

...to "those folks who might not have thought about these things much in the last 10 years or who participate in the ideological back and forth," says Veitch, who wants to tackle other historical "big lies" with the series.

First, since when has it been "down the middle" to wonder about the "true" cause of the 9/11 attacks? Second, after a whole article of essentially stating "Well, I'm just asking questions," the truth (no pun intended) comes out here by Veitch saying that he wants "to tackle other historical 'big lies' with the series." Other?? And if that doesn't convince you, then check this out:

Well, I was waiting to break the news, but I think my wait is over. USA Today has done a fantastic job reporting on "The Big Lie." I have been intimately involved in this project, and if anyone has questions I would love to answer them. A temporary website has been set up for our project: http://truthbetoldcomics.com/ Everyone can be a part of this project really. I am still in need of $$ to finish paying the artists and pay for distribution. We have raised $13,000 of an estimated $25,000 neccessity. This has been an incredible project of artists and activists thus far! We are excited to bring "The Big Lie" forward, and thanks to Brian Truitt of USA Today for excellent coverage.

That was posted by "Nor Cal Truth" who runs this Truther site. He dedicates his own post to "The Big Lie" here.

So there you have it. Yet another example of the far-left turn modern comics have taken over the last decade. And just when is this story slated to debut? September 7, 2011 -- four days before the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

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