U.S. News "Hates To Say It," But Folks Associate Voter Fraud With GOP

Hey, did you know that "when one thinks of voter fraud, one usually associates it with the GOP?" That's what U.S. News's Bonnie Erbe's lead-in is in her online article today picked up by CBS news online. (NOTE: I initially indicated Erbe wrote for CBS. CBS actually picked up Erbe's US News article. I regret the error. -- DS Hube.) In an otherwise balanced story regarding Barack Obama's ties to the group ACORN, Erbe really thinks she's speaking for the "everyman" in her absurd first paragraph:

Hate to say it, but when one thinks of voter fraud, one usually associates it with the GOP, the 2000 election, and the debate over who won Florida. You remember, voting machines that didn't work, long lines to vote in predominantly Democratic districts, and recounts that weren't accurate.

Do you first think of the GOP engaging in voter fraud in Florida back in 2000 when that very term -- "voter fraud" -- is raised? Or, is it largely a ... [mainstream] media creation?

Does "vote early and vote often" ever enter your mind? To Erbe and the MSM, that probably isn't the case; after all, it's associated with Obama's hometown's former mayor, Democrat Richard Daley. What about in 1960 and how LBJ "helped" get Texas in JFK's corner (not to mention Daley again and his Chicago political "machine")? Nah. Democrats. And these meager two [in]famous mentions don't even include how innumerable conservatives and Republicans believe that in Florida during election 2000 it was Democrats who were engaged in voter fraud -- selective recounts in Democrat-heavy counties, varying and subjective [re]counting standards, and even demanding "revotes" to make up for that ridiculous (and Democrat-designed!) "butterfly ballot."

The "one" Erbe refers to in her opener is much more likely "one" in Erbe's circle of pals. And, does she really "hate to say it" about the GOP being first thought of with regards to vote fraud? Really?

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