Dan Abrams Miffed That Hannity Supports John McCain!

We've seen Chris "Thrill Going Up My Leg" Matthews. Keith Olbermann admits to MSNBC viewers that his network doesn't give a "hard time" to Democratic candidates. Olbermann defends Barack Obama by humilating Matthews. Democratic stalwarts Lanny Davis and Ed Rendell blast MSNBC for not being fair to Hillary Clinton and for [Keith Olbermann] saying things that should put him on the Obama campaign payroll, respectively.

But when a Fox News Channel opinion show co-host states that he's a John McCain supporter? Well, that is just too much for "Verdict" host Dan Abrams! In last night's "Beat the Press" segment, Abrams compared the voiced support of an FNC production assistant for John McCain (for which she was subsequently fired) to that of "Hannity and Colmes" co-host Sean Hannity:

ABRAMS: Finally, a little over a month ago, a Fox News production assistant told John McCain in a press line that she voted for him and that he was gonna win. She was fired.

Well last night another Fox employee did something very similar, but I'm guessing he won't get the hook.

(Snippet from "Hannity and Colmes"):

RUDY GIULIANI: A lot of the attacking is gonna be done by surrogates. And they're gonna, well,

SEAN HANNITY (interrupting): People like me!

(End snippet.)

ABRAMS: When a production assistant admits she supports McCain, she gets fired. When a prime-time host does it, it's ... just what they do.

Watch the video here.

Abrams might want to keep in mind that Hannity's job is to give his opinion. That's what he and [liberal co-host] Alan Colmes do on their show. Abrams might also want to keep in mind that Sean Hannity hasn't anchored any "straight news" election coverage on FNC -- unlike MSNBC heavyweights Olbermann and Matthews ... who both have their very own opinion shows.

(h/t to NB reader James I.) 

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