AP Ignores Farrakhan's Threats, Merely Refers to Him as 'Fiery Orator'

As reported by Matthew Balan earlier today here at Newsbusters, Nation of Islam [former] leader Louis Farrakhan gave a speech Tuesday night which included the implied threat of violence against law enforcement officials. But you sure wouldn't know that based on the Associated Press's account of the speech. Merely referring to Farrakhan as a "fiery orator," the AP was more interested in his fashion sense than the calls for possible violence:

Farrakhan cut a healthy-looking figure Tuesday in a gray and gold pinstriped suit, a wide smile flashing often under the trademark side-part in his wavy, black hair and thin-rimmed glasses.

Not only that, the article notes how "a smiling" Farrakhan "strode" on to the stage and was greeted by "an applauding and cheering audience of nearly 5,000." Indeed, the article focuses exclusively on the positive aspects of Farrakhan's message, titling the article "Farrakhan urges renewed efforts among blacks" with the sub-header Nation of Islam leader cites importance of creating, supporting community." This in itself is not a bad thing; however, it certainly is a bit perplexing when coming from a mainstream media that goes out of its way to accentuate virtually all things negative.

Furthermore, it surely is not very arduous for a reporter to discover the racist and anti-Semitic vitriol that Farrakhan has spewed over the years. The Anti-Defamation League has scores of examples, to name just one source. I find it difficult to imagine that the AP (or other MSM outlets) would completely ignore a veiled threat in a recent speech from, say, a conservative preacher, make not a single reference to his many past bigoted remarks, and instead focus exclusively on his gleeful messages of "support" and "community" and his hip fashion sense.

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