Six for Stooges: Six WH Briefings When Journalists Found a Way to Hit KJP From the Left

December 28th, 2023 12:02 PM

On Tuesday, we took a look back at six moments from the past year when the questions inside the White House’s Brady Press Briefing Room skewed in favor of Hamas and against Israel. This time, we’re going to serve up six more times journalists showed their far-left bona fides, except this one will be more of the traditional sense as this summary touches on gun control and race.

This list focused on questions asked by journalists, so we left this one out as an honorable mention as, on April 24, the entire press corps – left, right, and center – failed to bat an eye when Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed during government spending negotiations that Republicans purposefully wanted to “fill our cities with smog,” “give asthma to our children,” and let oil companies use chemicals that’d “melt bones.”

That said, here are our six picks, presented in chronological order with its original NewsBusters headline (except for the August 28 entry, which was adjusted to better fit the reason for the blog’s entry on this list).

January 24 — BIZARRE: African Reporter Demands Gun Control to KJP Amid More Docs Hardballs

Days after a deranged gunman murdered 11 and injured nine in Monterrey Park, California, Angolan reporter Hariana Veras didn’t so much ask a question as pontificate about the need for gun control.

Veras opened with the hot take that “gun is a problem in this country” before insisting it’s particularly “scary for” Africans and for her as “a mother” living in fear of a classmate at her child’s school “will bring a gun”.



In addition to the throwaway question asking Jean-Pierre to explain what’s “preventing the Congress to [sic] act”, she demanded Jean-Pierre “remind people that America is the only country on earth that people die by gun without even being in war because — I’m giving this example because, in Africa, there’s countries in war, but people doesn’t even have access to gun.”

As we pointed out at the time, interesting she went down that route considering the level of widespread oppression and mass killings against unarmed innocents in large, remote parts of the continent.

January 27 — Diversity Day: Journos Lobby for Minority Chief of Staff, Cops Having ‘Comfort’ With Violence

Associated Press hack Darlene Superville demanded from behind a KN-95 mask that the White House “commit to choosing a chief of staff who is not white and male” if current Chief of Staff Jeff Zients ever leaves since “one of the most powerful ones in Washington that has been held by someone who was not white and male.”

Elsewhere, CNN’s Phil Mattingly – who now co-hosts CNN This Morning – put the ball on the tee for Jean-Pierre to tell the world how “form a personal side of things…how much” President Biden’s relationship with George Floyd’s family “has… impact[ed]…how he…sees things like” the body camera footage of Tyre Nichols’s beating at the hands of Memphis police.

The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg had a cartoonish question from the left accusing police officers finding a “culture” and satisfaction “with violence”:

[I]s the President concerned that, within the culture of policing, there is a comfort with violence and an entitlement to use violence that would leave these officers to beat a man to death from them during a traffic stop? Does he feel that police may feel emboldened to do these things and what would he do about that? 

February 1 — Taxpayer-Funded VOA Reporter Claims to KJP Droves Are Asking If America’s ‘A Racist Society’

Voice of America proved once again on February 1 how they’re no different than NPR and PBS in being a waste of tax dollars as White House correspondent Anita Powell claimed to Jean-Pierre there’s droves of people both around the world and in the U.S. are asking this exact question: “[I]s the United States a racist society?”



Powell even had a follow-up that presupposed the answer was yes: “I’d like to hear...[w]hat the administration is doing beyond just police reform, qualified immunity, those discussions, what the U.S. is doing holistically…to address that perception?”

March 27 — NBC Reporter to KJP: Will Female Shooter Represent ‘Breakthrough’ Against ‘Gun Culture’?

Liberal reporters are prone to ask questions from the left on guns following mass shootings and that was the case where in the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee in which a transgender (born female) shooter killed six.

The AP’s Aamer Madhani had a more predictable query about whether the White House feels “disappointment” that efforts at gun control “haven’t had more of an effect”, but one question took a unique turn.

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell chose to suggest the shooter being female meant the response to this tragedy could yield more legislation (read: taking away your guns):

The shooting in Nashville has an usual component in that the gunman is actually a woman. Does the President have any expectation that, when looking for a new way to talk about gun violence, we’ve been through Sandy Hook in the Obama years, we’ve been through Uvalde in this administration, looking for some way to have circumstances change how Americans feel about it — Tennessee is obviously a state with a gun culture as a part of its identity for many Tennesseans who live there and believe in a gun culture — do you think there is any component of this like having a female suspect — highly unusual, like, in single digit percentage of this — that could be a point for him to address to try to breakthrough on a subject that has, thus far, not made changes in the legislative realm?

August 28 — NPR Reporter Actually Blames DeSantis for Jacksonville Shooting

Just as Fox’s Peter Doocy returned from paternity leave to battle Jean-Pierre over Secret Service costs to protect Hunter Biden and a possible crackdown on the country’s beer consumption, theGrio’s April Ryan and NPR’s Franco Ordoñez directly blamed Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for a racist heathen going on a killing spree at a Family Dollar in a predominantly black Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood.

Ryan claimed the “racial rhetoric going on in this political campaigning atmosphere” was to blame and ordered the White House to crack down on Republicans because “people are saying” the rampaged “stemm[ed] from a lot of [their] rhetoric.”

Ordoñez was more direct: “[D]oes — does the White House see any connection with the changes that the Florida governor has made in teaching about African-American history to the kind of violence we saw in Jacksonville?”

November 27 — Far-Left Clown April Ryan Asks If Biden Can Discuss ‘The Black Agenda’ With Stevie Wonder

Speaking of Ryan, her questions at the first post-Thanksgiving briefing had us rolling our eyes.

Always a race hustler and deep partisan, Ryan whacked Jean-Pierre from the left as she demanded President Biden make time for Stevie Wonder because “[h]e’s very concerned about the black agenda falling along the wayside and issues like laws of 50 years ago that are now being abolished or gutted, to include issues like the Voting Rights Act, what happened in Arkansas last week, affirmative action — Supreme Court…ban on books, and…the Congo”.



Jean-Pierre agreed with her on the substance, but wouldn’t commit to a meeting, which led to an irked Ryan to follow up:

He’s not alone in this thought. He’s very upset and he’s even looking at this issue courting black males. I mean, he just wants to have a conversation with — do you — is the President amenable as he is a leader as he has met with other presidents on major issues of rights, humanitarian rights, as well as civil rights?