Clockwork: Nets Use 33 Mins of 4th Trump Indictment to Ditch Biden Corruption

August 15th, 2023 11:58 AM

It’s like clockwork with the liberal media and their friends in government as, following more bad news and new allegations of bribery, corruption, and malfeasance from the Biden family, another Trump indictment dropped Monday night with this one emanating out of Fulton County, Georgia and far-left District Attorney Fani Willis. On Tuesday morning, the morning news shows of ABC, CBS, and NBC shoveled off 33 minutes and 17 seconds for the indictment.

Not surprisingly, the prospect of the indictment in the days leading up to it and the January 6 case gave the liberal networks all the excuses in the world to ignore the Bidens with zero seconds since Sunday morning on CBS and then Monday morning on ABC and NBC.

Like they’ve been with the third Trump indictment, ABC stood in first place after one Georgia indictment news cycle with 12 minutes and 22 seconds on Good Morning America.

Both chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and co-host and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos boasted of the “sweeping indictment” while Abrams called it “fact-based” and “a more dangerous indictment for Donald Trump” than previous ones.

To his credit, he noted that Team Trump would note there’s “issues” with Willis engaging in “fundraising” based off of her investigation “that has gotten her into trouble with the judge in this case.”

Senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott was ebullient at the Trump frenzy (likely seeing as how she doesn’t have to talk about the Bidens, the economy, education, or any other issue that’d be a lefty pitfall), boasting Trump “very likely...could be spending more time in the courtroom than campaigning” in 2024.

CBS began this fourth indictment in second place thanks to 12 minutes and 16 seconds on CBS Mornings. Co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King even admitted this was piling up:

Now, just in case this is all starting to get confusing, we get it, this is the fourth indictment of the former president who is currently campaigning to be president again. And this one is on serious state charges, which means if he were — if we were to be convicted, he could not pardon himself. 

Congressional correspondent Nikole Killion filed from Atlanta, telling of a “sprawling indictment lay[ing] out an alleged criminal enterprise” to subvert the Peach State’s results of the 2020 election.

CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman was in awe of Willis, calling her “thorough” and insisting she’s “always said the Georgia case was more serious” than the others.

Finally, NBC’s Today was way back at eight minutes and 39 seconds with far more of a focus on the deadly wildfires in Hawaii (which likely had an impact on all three networks in lowering what could have been an even-higher tally).

Chief legal correspondent and incoming Saturday Today co-host (and daughter of Obama family confidante Valerie Jarrett) Laura Jarrett touted Willis’s work as “expansive,” “quite serious,” and “really...a deep dive” even though co-host Savannah Guthrie cautioned the case could be “incredibly bring to court.”

Chief White House correspondent and outgoing Saturday Today co-host Kristen Welker was also on hand, willing Trump to the 2024 nomination by gushing that he “keeps getting strong with each new indictment” as “you see his poll numbers going up” and January 6 remaining in “the spotlight.” 

However, she cited sources as claiming Trump’s “most concerned” about the Georgia case given the fact that, if convicted, he couldn’t pardon himself.

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