Axios With Hard-Hitting Scoop: Jill Hates How Old Joe Loves Ice Cream, Pizza

May 8th, 2023 12:20 PM

Axios White House correspondent Alex Thompson engaged in some pathetic obsequiousness for the Biden regime Monday morning with his piece titled:  “The food fight in the White House: Biden’s diet.” In the brisk piece, Thompson touted President Biden’s love of ice cream sundaes and other sweets running counter to what First Lady Jill Biden wants him to eat.

On the same morning USA Today uncorked this softball of an item about Vice President Kamala Harris, Thompson tried to one-up them with this embarrassing lead: “There's a delicious (surf and) turf battle inside the Biden White House — over the president's plate.”

Thompson further explained that “[t]he food fight has pitted Joe Biden — who prefers carbs over greens — against First Lady Jill Biden, who has been,” much to his chagrin, “pushing [him] to eat more fish and veggies”.

The flack explained the syrupy story matters in the context of Biden’s age and attempting to remain “healthy” for the 2024 presidential campaign.

Quoting “Biden aides” as having said Biden “eats ‘like a child,’” Thompson shared all the key details in speaking truth for power: “His favorite dishes include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, BLT's, pizza, cookies, spaghetti with butter and red sauce, and ice cream that he occasionally makes into a full sundae, according to current and former Biden aides.”

He added some earth-shattering news: Biden likes chugging “orange Gatorade.” Now, if only we could have Thompson find out what the Biden family financials have looked like as a result of Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, especially with the communist Chinese.

Thompson relayed one example from the memoir of the President’s sister, Valerie that, when she came over for dinner in September 2021, Joe was aghast Jill picked “salmon in a pastry shell with a medley of vegetables”

According to the memoir, Thompson elaborated: “With the first lady out of sight, Biden had some lemon pound cake and finished a carton of Breyer's chocolate chip ice cream for dessert, Val recalled.”

The piece wrapped with a reminder that “Biden works out with a physical therapist, Drew Contreras, many mornings,” which the President spoke about in November while on Jason Bateman’s podcast.