CBS Tag-Teams With Warren to Bemoan GOP Not Supporting Bragg, Tout Fear of ‘Violence’

March 31st, 2023 2:10 PM

Friday’s CBS Mornings featured a whopping 24 minutes and 53 seconds on the indictment of former President Trump by far-left, Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and it included their latest nauseating interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King steered much of the conversation with softballs on Trump and a plea for gun control with her co-hosts touching on banking and TikTok.

King opened the segment by lamenting “Trump is vowing to fight these charges, and he's got the support of many, many prominent Republicans.” She then made the pivot to Warren: “For some political reaction to this, we're joined by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren.”



“We’re – as we've been saying all morning, uncharted territory, unprecedented motions. What was your reaction when you heard,” she asked.

King hung on Warren’s every word, including her belief that “no one is above the law.” As such, she whined that Republicans aren’t sharing her views about the need to prosecute Trump:

Why are no Republicans saying this? We hear Lindsey Graham saying there is legal voodoo, political persecution, political hatred, that this is all about a political witch hunt. Why are there no Republicans, not one, saying that no one is above the law, that this is all about politics?

She later added she found it “so concerning” that “Trump is calling for, in his words, death and destruction” along with “allies to rally behind him” and “show out.” 

“Are you worried about violence in the streets,” she asked.

Co-host Nate Burleson chimed in to decry Trump using “dangerous rhetoric,” which gave King a shot to reemphasize her concern: “Yeah. It’s very – I'm very concerned about that.”

“It is dangerous,” Warren replied, “and violence is never the answer. This is part of the reason we have a court system so that we don't resolve these things in the streets.”

A forlorn King made one last plea on Trump: “Are you worried about it? Are you worried about it?”

Of course, Warren said she’s “always worr[ied] about violence.”

Co-host Vladimir Duthiers pivoted to banking and invited her to share what she “want[s] to see happen so that we don’t see another bank collapse” like we saw in recent weeks. Predictably, she blamed it entirely on Republicans and Donald Trump for winning the 2016 election and repealing portions of Dodd-Frank.

Duthiers thankfully offered pushback: “But, Senator, even when there are regulations in place, the San Francisco Fed did call attention to what was going on at Silicon Valley Bank and nothing was done.”

Nonetheless, Warren continued to lay blame at Republicans and only threw in the Federal Reserve, a more widely disdained entity.

Co-host Nate Burleson took the next section on TikTok and sat by as Warren refused to denounce TikTok and declined to say whether she’d support banning the app in the U.S. Instead, she equivocated Chinese and American cyber intelligence and storage of user data (click “expand”):

BURLESON: Senator, we want to get your thoughts on a top take that we've covered quite a bit here on the show, and that's the banning of TikTok.


BURLESON: Some progressive lawmakers have said that this wouldn't actually address the issue of data privacy. Have you seen evidence of TikTok being a threat to our national security?

WARREN: So, I look at this a little differently. I think the question of privacy of our data through social media, through just tracking us on our phones, is something that we should be very concerned about.


WARREN: But it's not enough just to say this is a TikTok-only problem. This is a problem all the way across in terms of the data that are being collected.

BURLESON: Okay, are we casting a wide enough net?

WARREN: We are not casting a wide enough net. I want to see a wider net on the privacy issues. I also think on the question of China because it is different with China here. But China has other – they've got apps out there, they’ve got social media, they’ve got other pieces. So, we need – 

DUTHIERS: And American tech companies can sell data.


WARREN: Bingo.

BURLESON: So TikTok, should it not be banned?

WARREN: The way I see it is it we're going to look into the question of data privacy and we should, I've got very serious concerns about this. We need to cast a broad enough net. We cannot pretend that if we can focus in on one company that we're all done and have fixed this problem. Big net.

King ended the friendly chat with a plea for gun control: “Once again, the horrible shooting in Nashville. I know it's not an easy answer, but will something change this time? Are your Republican colleagues saying something differently behind the scenes about let's make changes in gun laws?”

Warren sounded like King did a few days ago in stating she couldn’t “tell you how frustrating this is. Our children die because there are Republicans in Congress who continue to insist that we can't put just basic safety measures in place.”

King asked again if she saw any “behind-the-scenes conversations,” but Warren ducked and instead declared that America would be far better off if she were like Massachusetts.

No thanks, Chief Warren.

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