ABC Voices Sadness Over ‘Abortion Deserts,’ Claims IVF Could Be Banned

May 5th, 2022 10:57 AM

ABC’s Good Morning America decided on Wednesday to follow their leftist comrades in spewing fear-mongering rhetoric as part of their coverage of the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion, expressing sadness that there are “abortion deserts” in more parts of the country that are preventing the murder of children and suggesting pro-lifers will seek to ban in vitro fertilization (IVF) for families who encounter difficulties becoming pregnant.

Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott framed the ruling almost exclusively on the supposed tragedy of women being forced to bring such nuisances into the world, calling the leaked opinion “a seismic shift” causing women to “wak[e] up to a whole new reality” unless they live in a blue state.



In a classic case of labeling bias, Scott referred to “the governor there in Connecticut” Ned Lamont without party affiliation, but she made sure to mention Oklahoma’s chief executive (Kevin Stitt) is a Republican.

Scott then ghoulishly compared the shuttering of abortion clinics to impoverished areas lacking even just one grocery store: 

What we have seen is women will go through whatever hurdle, whatever length necessary in order to have a choice including traveling hundreds of miles out of state. They are — right now, we are seeing abortion deserts sort of sweep across the middle part of the country and what abortion providers fear most is for the women who do not have the option, who do not have the means to travel hundreds of miles[.]

Co-host and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos pivoted to chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, who insisted that while Justice Samuel Alito insisted other rights (specifically ones involving privacy) are in jeopardy because abortion involves the taking of a life, Alito’s words would be meaningless because “it doesn't mean that someone can't come back to the court and say, let's use the exact same reasoning...and apply it in a different context.”

Giving oxygen to the argument that individual rights are on soft footing, Abrams claimed “it’s hard to figure out how the reasoning wouldn't also apply in some of these other cases.”

Co-host Robin Roberts invoked IVF because “some people are wondering about” it and, to that, Abrams also gave fuel to the notion that it could be banned. This was despite Abrams failing basic biology about how IVF involves the fertilization of sperm and eggs outside a woman’s body:

Well, the issue with IVF is the particularly is the freezing of the embryos, right, because if a state declares that life begins at conception, then it becomes very difficult to figure out how it would be legal to freeze and potentially destroy embryos, so it is possible, it could have an impact on IVF, it depends on exactly what the state lays out in terms of the definitions as to when life begins.

In the second hour, Scott returned with more celebration of abortion, gushing over how “more women are showing just how far they will go to have a choice” and “sharing their own personal stories” with one dismissing the life of her third child as a financial hassle.

“I can barely make ends meet at the moment. I'm willing to do whatever is necessary because there's no way I can afford another baby,” said “Nicole, a single mother of two in Oklahoma.”

Later and long after two scant soundbites from Oklahoma Republicans, Scott lamented that “[w]omen like Maddie now fear that more women will have to go through the same hurdles they did in order to have an abortion.”

ABC painting abortion clinics as a necessity like a grocery store was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Carmax, Dicks, and Zales. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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