Not The Onion: NYT Editorial Board Member Insists Paper Is ‘Not’ ‘A Partisan Newspaper’

October 20th, 2020 10:36 PM

MSNBC’s The ReidOut kept up its hateful view of those who don’t side with host Joy Reid and her panel of shameless liberal partisans on Tuesday, insisting that Republicans not in the vein of Michael Steele and the Lincoln Project were “cowardly.” But the worst take came from New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay falsely claiming The Times was “actually not partisan.”

Yes, that’s right, NewsBusters readers. The New York Times wasn’t “a partisan newspaper” and they only endorsed Joe Biden because someone has to “sav[e] our democracy and [we] can have policy debates later.”



Gay praised Steele’s endorsement of Joe Biden as an example of country over policy because the election was “actually about right and wrong and democracy or something much darker” and exacerbated by the President having “no rescue plan for the American people.”

Lamenting that Trump got to live in the White House amid a pandemic (and somehow it would be okay if Biden did), Gay laid out her scorching hot take about The Times not being partisan:

When The New York Times endorsed Joe Biden, we didn't do it because The New York Times is a partisan newspaper. We're actually not partisan. I think we did it because we see him as the best chance at saving our democracy and can have policy debates later. I know Michael and I had them too. This isn't about — this election Democrat or Republican. This is really about right and wrong and saving the soul of the nation. 

Elsewhere in the A-block, Reid couldn’t help but marvel at Steele, a longtime MSNBC “Republican” and one-time fill-in Hardball host, could vote for a Democrat. Touting yet another ad from the grifter-filled Lincoln Project, Reid gushed that he made this decision even though “I know that you are very much a Republican” and “your ideology hasn't changed, which is why it’s so fun to debate with you.”

Reid would later brag he was the latest in a list of “prominent Republicans” like Colin Powell (who hasn’t supported a Republican presidential candidate since 2004), John Kasich and Jeff Flake who haven’t been “cowardly when it comes to Donald Trump.”

Here was what Steele had to say, including his assertion that there are more than a few Republicans who wish they could be like him (and thus a part of a grifting operation like the Lincoln Project and vote for Democrats) and how Americans should stand up because female journalists have supposedly had their lives marred by Donald Trump (click “expand”):

This was a journey. This is not something that you wake up one day and say, “oh, okay. I'll vote for the other guy.” This has been in the making for sometime. In watching a lot of the things that I valued as a — as a Republican that brought me into the party just get sidestepped, pushed aside from spending to how we treat our fellow man and woman. And this President has come to represent for me an enormous character flaw in the office and we have to resolve that character flaw. And he has to be replaced, I think, with someone who actually cares enough to listen, cares enough to put empathy and concern for us over his own interest. That's Joe Biden. I know a lot of folks want to fall back on some policy prescription or something like that. This is not about it. This is not an election about policy. No one is having great debates in the living room or their kitchen tables over the minute of tax policy. People are talking about the character of the country. And talking about the character of the man who will sit behind the resolute desk come next January because that's what matters to me[.]


I do hear from folks on Capitol Hill...and, you know, even — even with my announcement today, there were quiet head nods and — and, you know, thank you. Look, I can’t — I can't focus on that anymore. You know, we’ve to stand in the breech. We’ve got to stand in the space as, you know, my colleagues on this panel have noted where we are right now and why this is a moment, why this is so important. Look at the attacks these women of color have had to suffer at the hands of the President of the United States. They do their jobs. They’re professional women. They bring the news, they bring the information. They're not trying to shape the — the President's story. Or tell lies on him. And yet, they're subjected to harassments and disrespect....I tell Republican friends, you’ve seen the long cavalcade of Republicans who have licked the boot only to have it placed in their rear end when it's — when they no longer serve Donald Trump. So, you’ve got to get the grip. We have the grip.

The segment would not have been another show trial treating conservatives and Republicans like enemies without MSNBC contributor and PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor.

For her part, Reid wanted to know whether White House officials “understand what’s happening outside the White House” with Americans suffering and dying (presumably all because of Trump) or “are they so deep in the bubble that they don't get it.”

Under the guise of reporting, the female Jim Acosta replied with an apocalyptic picture of doom amongst the American people with little hope so long as he’s in office (click “expand”):

[T]here are two ways that — the sources that I have been talking about are approaching this. The first is that they’re putting on a brave face and saying we're back in 2016. Everyone thinks President Trump is down. Everyone thinks that he’s sure fire going to lose, but we know the polls were wrong four years ago and as a result he can pull off this surprising victory. And then you talk to the people, including some people who have battled the virus themselves, who know people who battled the virus that are very, very scared about these numbers. They realize the number one thing they don't want to be talking about is the coronavirus because they understand the President has really bungled this, has struggled, and there are Americans including those who support him who lost loved ones, who have seen states turn into coronavirus hot spots and who see a President who is really trying to get his feet and trying to essentially put this virus in the rearview mirror. And has been trying to do that for months but can't actually to this.

I came back from a trip in Florida. And there were a number of business owners told me I would love to open my business, I would go back to normal. But we can't do that if the virus isn't contained and those are people that are thinking about the economy who want to buy President Trump’s idea that people are tired of COVID and want to go on to normal. But they say they can't do that and, of course, the President’s closing argument being that Joe Biden is a socialist, he’s going to have communism and that he’s really about the American dream. That is something that, if you are a Trump supporter, maybe you’re eating that up. But for people worried and are actually looking for a plan to deal with the coronavirus, calling Joe Biden a socialist and continue to attack him — at his character, that's not really buying the idea that you have your hands around this pandemic that is killing so many Americans. 

Gay’s farcical take on The New York Times and MSNBC’s continued ostracization of people who don’t share their preferred candidates and world was brought to you by complicit advertisers such as Buick (owned by General Motors), ClearChoice, Fidelity, and Qunol. Follow the links to the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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MSNBC’s The ReidOut
October 20, 2020
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